Friday, April 24, 2015

April 17, 2015 Briar Crier

For the April 17, 2015 meeting at The Briar’s of the Briarcliff Manor Rotary Club
PLEDGE, ERNIE      SONG, SY        PRAYER, Bishop John
1769President George Washington left Mount Vernon, VA for his inauguration in New York
Anne: Elderact April 23 at Atria, and for the Garden Club
Eric ($10) Thanks members for running for new Board, his daughter played the main character at school, and he thanks Bob Maher for being a good treasurer as well as new members of Board
   including Ernie, Scott and Dr. Bob Maher
Rich: for Zachery, and computing capability
Mark J: for his kids who helped at home
Dr. Bob Maher ($10) for absent Rod Ertischek from N. Car.
Rachel: New slate for 2016 starting July 1
Jim Lupfer  ($10) our new president-elect, a vote for his new Board starting July 1 and his Board was elected. Also for his wedding anniversary (37years)
   and his daughter, a teacher, has new job.
SPEAKER: Louisa Boyle, an NYC Rotarian recently from Scotland via Africa and England. Bishop John took her back to train at Scarborough.
She spoke about fistulas in Africa, which she defined as an opening from the birth canal to the bladder so that recent mothers had this difficulty.  She also showed a video of various African mothers,
including Julia’s story in Mozambique, also women in Sierra Leone and Kenya.  There are African hospitals that deal with this problem. She has a website with more info. called
ANNOUNCEMENTS: via Dr. Bob Amsterdam, Clay Tiffany passed away.

NEXT MEETING: This Thursday a joint meeting with Pleasantville at Trattoria160 at 160 Marble Road in Pleasantville.