Wednesday, August 31, 2016


                      THIS DAY IN HISTORY
1718: Hundreds of French colonists arrived in Louisiana, with some settling in present-day New Orleans.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott    SONG: Sy      PRAYER: Rachel



Scott: Sam is home. The next meeting is 9/9 in which we will have 5$ for three tickets. He is sorry Ken is going to Japan. The Ossining Rotary Club is looking for a place to meet. They meet on Wednesdays. The American Success Bank is best for a current mortgage. (Sean apparently now employed at lunch hour.) Ken will be back in December.
Kris is glad to be back (He was in India) Mark J. is an author.
Eric ($20) his daughter will soon be 15 and lost (in Tennis) to Maher but did better later.
Dr. Maher ($20) thanks to Ken and Sean. He does not have to play for a third week.
Rich Z., Zac and his mom are OK (re earthquake in Italy) Ellen, is happy for speaker today and Dan Blum is on his way. She announces a get-to-gether.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: via Rachel, the water is OK. Community day is 9/10. We will only sell water and snacks. There will be food trucks elsewhere.

TEXT is Elinor with helper Sy

SPEAKER: Daniel Blum, CEO at Phelps Hospital, speaks about hospitals. He went to elementary and high schools in NYC, got a bachelors, then a masters at NYU in health care.

                      SUMMARY OF TALK
Phelps is one of best hospitals in area. He has best of both worlds.
Phelps is associated with North Shore Jewish Hospital, now called Northwell (?), is the largest healthcare facility in area. Phelps has some of the best doctors in area. Almost everyone now has some form of coverage.

We usually meet at The Briar's restaurant every Friday for lunch. There will be NO full meeting on Sept. 2 because Sept. 5 is a Monday, Labor Day.
Those who want to attend on Sept. 2 will meet in the main dining room and eat and pay off the main menu with a smaller payment from club to attendees. For more details call 914-762-0111.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Aug .12 2016. briar Crier


1934: The first federal prisoners arrived at Alcatraz island (a former military prison) in San Francisco Bay.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott       SONG: Sy        INVOCATION: Anne Cargill


Ken is happy to be here
Beth, re her daughter is in Niagara Falls.
Scott ($4), his family is back together again, Cornell Weill meeting was good. Iran ambassador to UN gave a talk which was pro-Iran Ellen ($2) thanks for help Eric ($5) had great time in Cancun and met an English family there Lionel (speaker) is happy Joe about things we do have Stan no complaints Anne, her daughters are OK Mark j, five years from now many African-American girls will be named Simone, Dr. Maher ($10), Eric will send emails

SPEAKER this Friday will be Sy on Mideast Update

TEXT Elinor with helper Sy

TALK by Lionel Binnie on Internet Marketing. He was raised in England and came here in 1980 where he got a B.A. in political science from Fordham.

                           SUMMARY OF TALK He used screen and projector to talk about Cloud computing, Software, renting software, and Pay as you go. CRM stands for customer relationship management. Helps to contact customers. He is available as marketer, 914-406-9485. There are laws to protect people on internet. A large number of customers on internet is not good. What we do not know we do not know.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mt Pleasant Community Center will have get-to-gether on Sept. 10 (via Ellen), there is NO MEETING on Sept. 2 since Sept. 5 is Labor Day. Community Day is Sept. 10, Magic Masters is November 4, and we have a Rotary Exchange Student.

We meet for lu

Friday, August 12, 2016

Welcome to our new member Ellen Wood

Ellen is the Vitality Program Manager at Phelps Hospital. Vitality programs promote the social,

mental, spiritual and physical well-being of older adults. She has worked in this position for five

years. Prior to that, she was the Program Coordinator of the Hudson Valley Poison Education Center

at Phelps.

Ellen has a B.S. in Health Services from Montclair State University and an MPA in Hospital

Administration from Long Island University, earning high honors in both programs.

She has worked in multiple facets of health care during her career including radiology, the operating

room, emergency department, and women’s health just to name a few. She has a broad view of

health care services and has been in management for over 35 years.

Ellen is an excellent resource for health care related issues. Her job responsibilities include offering

assistance to those needing to maneuver through the health care system. She can be reached at 914-

366-3937 or

Thursday, August 4, 2016

July29, 2016. BriarCrier


THIS DAY IN HISTORY:1890: Artist Vincent Van Gogh, 37, died of a self-inflicted gun-shot wound
in Oise, France.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff


GUESTS: Steve Cotyn (via Rachel) and Larry DeNoia (a Rotarian from Peekskill)

PLEDGE: Scott      SONG: Sy      PRAYER: Eric

Dr. Bob Maher, ($10) Everyone paid dues
Rachel, Saw Mill Parkway in Pleasantville will be working
Rebecca, was at vault today
Eric ($10) will be in Cancun, Mexico with daughters Michelle and Julia.
Anne, her granddaughter came in second at Med School and she is going back
to health care
Rebecca, at vault today
Mark J., a lady parked closed to his car
Victor, both converted to gun ownership
Rich Z., will spend three months in Israel
Larry (guest) had announcement
Scott, re new ambulance

SPEAKER: Brother John from Maryknoll, did his elementary and high school
in Hempstead Long Island, then an associate degree from Westchester
Community College,  then a BS in Adult Education from the Royal College at
Maryknoll, spoke about his work as a missionary in Central America for the
Catholic Church.
                       SUMMARY OF TALK
He had polio as a kid so now walks with a limp, but respects Rotary for
work done on international polio. He conducts tours at Maryknoll. In
Central America he studied and speaks Spanish, and is happy to be here
since he spoke to Rotary in Briarcliff Manor in past. He spoke about
Catholic Church doing goodwill around the world and his relationship with
Maryknoll. It is important to learn how to communicate. English words have
different meanings in different parts of Central America.

TEXT, Elinor, helper Sy

THIS FRIDAY at The Briar's Restaurant, we should have State Senator
Carlucci, who will arrive late since has earlier speaking arrangement in
Rockland County.

We meet every Friday for lunch at Briars Restaurant on 512 North State Roadbetween 12 and 12:15 when we start meeting. For more details call