Thursday, December 15, 2016

Time change for our meeting

Please note his Friday Dec. 16, 2016, we will meet at 11;30.

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Magic Masters on Nov. 4th 2016

The Briarcliff Manor Rotary Club is pleased to be bringing the Harlem Magic Masters back to Briarcliff for another fundraising Basketball Event!

On Friday, November 4th at 7:00 pm in the Briarcliff High School Gym, enjoy the great play and funny routines of the Magic Masters as they take on LOCAL TALENT.  There will be some surprise appearances this year!

The special half time show will give kids a chance to get out on the court and enjoy the humor of the Magic Masters with tricks and GIVEAWAYS. Don't be late! Tip-off at 7:00 pm - doors open at 6:30 pm, so get there early to get your seats.

Special Feature this Year ... The famous Marching Cobras Band will be performing before the game and at halftime!!!  The Marching Cobras have traveled the country performing in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade numerous times, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, at the Super Bowl, at Briarcliff Community Day and were featured in the Best Picture Oscar-Winning movie, “Birdman”.

Advance sale tickets for $15.00 each at Weldon's Stationery and the Briarcliff Manor Recreation Department office; Tickets are $18.00 the night of the event. 
ALL proceeds go toward Briarcliff Rotary High School Scholarships and other Briarcliff student-related activities & benefits.  Please contact Eric Lebenson at 914-924-3596 for more information.



Thursday, October 27, 2016

OCTOBER 21, 2016 Briar Crier

1959: The Soloman Gugenheim museum opens to public. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

MEETING LEADER; President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE; Scott       SONG; Sy         PRAYER: Dr. Bob Maher

ROTARIANS PRESENT: 13 (It was raining)

GUEST; Stephanie Lynn (via Scott. She will become a member of Ossining

Anne ($5) is very happy with two great grandchildren Eric ($6) got food poisoning so do not eat anchovies plus Magic Masters Stephanie is happy she is here Holly (our speaker) is thankful she was invited to speak Mark S. his son had first interview at Syracuse medical school Rich Z. is sitting next to Elinor Stan, don't forget about open school Dr. Bob Maher now has two grandchildren Scott ($5) had a trip to Washington and went to a breakfast of the New York Rotary and enjoyed speaker.

TEXT Elinor with helper Sy

NEXT Friday we should have Shiela Summer re museums.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Via Stephanie re the Sing Sing Swing. For $125 have a four hour cruise (board around 3:30pm) plus free lunch and dinner (from famous chef)plus a free drink. On November 4 we have the Magic Masters basketball team to play our team at the Briarcliff high school gym around 7;00pm. We need volunteers to be at high school around 6:30. Eric has posters.

SPEAKER is Holly Benedict on hospices. She went to elementary and high schools in what was then North Tarrytown. She has a B.S. in elementary education from Washington University and taught the first grade in Briarcliff.

                      SUMMARY OF TALK
She is active in the White Plains hospice of Westchester which at no cost to patient will visit and help patient and family but you still need a caregiver for patient. Call 914-682-1484 for services. She is the Director, Public Affairs and Development. They have 65 workers. There are four hospices in Westchester, and will find one in Florida, but they have no facilities. Their work is covered by Medicare but need a Drs prescription that will die within six months, normally from cancer.

We meet every Friday at The Briar's restaurant on North State Road around
12:15 for lunch and the speaker. For more details call 914-762-0111.

Monday, October 17, 2016

October 7, 2016 Briar Crier

1765: Congress convened, in New York, to pass the Stamp Act against England

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott     SONG: Sy     PRAYER: Stanley


GUESTS: Amir Asadi (Rotary Club of the Bronx), Laura Seiler (via Beth) and Walter Camus (via Carl).

Stan is happy and thanks
Dr. Bob Maher ($20) is happy for Laura and Amir and Eric; Beth ($10) is glad she is here and for Laura; Eric ($5) happy for Stan and raised young woman's family; Rick Z it is his birthday on Sat (he will be 52); Anne re her boys have come home; Scott is just happy; Carl re Walter and Amir and is happy ;Walter is happy he is here and paid mortgage; Amir ($3) is happy for all and has a German uncle and Bronx Rotary has a special program.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Via Rachel -- for Magic Masters (on Nov 4 at High School gym starting at 7pm) and Peekskill Rotary horse show, Beth will do Magic Masters journal after instructions from Eric.

TEXT by Elinor with helper Sy

This Friday is Dr. Kim Ives who will talk about Children.

SPEAKER IS Joan Nimmo who has B.A. from Ithaca College and MSW from NYU (MSW = masters in social work)
                           SUMMARY OF TALK She spoke mostly on Alzheimers, for which there is no cure and it slowly sneaks up on you, and her Intergenerational Adult Day Program, which is mostly for Seniors, in White Plains, for help call 914-422-8100. Helped by socialization, exercising and eating right.

We meet at The Briar's restaurant on North State Road every Friday for Lunch around 12:15. For more details call 914-762-0111

Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 9, 2016 Briar Crier

1776: The "United States" should replace "United Colonies" says the then current Congress.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott    SONG: Sy      PRAYER: Kris, he has English translation of
                                       Indian poem ROTARIANS PRESENT: 20

GUESTS: Sophia Hussain and Laura Sieler (via Beth), Mindy and Sam Lanoff and Robert Jonetherg (via Scott), Sue Singer and Janet Gallagher (via
Anne) and Celia Gupeierieg (from Ossining Rotary).

Dr. Bob Maher ($20)re Dr. Babu (our speaker) plus other thoughts Eric ($11) this is an important weekend (Saturday is Community Day) Vic ($5) also re Dr. Babu Beth her daughter is here and so is our German guest, Laura Sieler Etrusca to be back Celia (guest) to be here Kris to be back (from India) Stan to be here Anne her guests and to be here Mark J, ($10) his son proposed and she said yes Robert (guest) to be here Scott,  his guests Mark S. His son got into medical school at Syracuse Sateesh (speaker) to be here

TEXT; Elinor with Helper, Sy

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tomorrow Sept. 10 is Community Day and we will be selling cold water, pretzels and popcorn. The cotton-candy machine did not work because it was too humid. We will not sell anything hot, like hot dogs and hamburgers. These are available from trucks in area. Via Kris, 10/28 in Bermuda and 6/17 is Rotary International in Atlanta.

Speaker is Dr. Sateesh Babu with wife Supha on computer, he spoke on Stroke.
He had elementary and high school and M.D. in India, with M.D. from New York Medical College.
                        SUMMARY OF TALK
Honor to be here. Stroke is fifth cause of death, mostly from lack of oxygen to brain from carotid arteries. He performs operations on carotid and supply arteries. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in America.
He goes over backgrounds of various M.D.s who finally found cause of death from strokes. He did not know much about the brain many years ago. He goes over risk factors, mostly what we know. With ultrasound now find out what arteries need operations.

Next Friday is Lt. Col. (retired) John O'Loughlin on Korean war.

We normally meet every Friday for lunch around 12:15 at the restaurant on
512 North State road, The Briar's.  For more details call 914-762-0111.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


                      THIS DAY IN HISTORY
1718: Hundreds of French colonists arrived in Louisiana, with some settling in present-day New Orleans.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott    SONG: Sy      PRAYER: Rachel



Scott: Sam is home. The next meeting is 9/9 in which we will have 5$ for three tickets. He is sorry Ken is going to Japan. The Ossining Rotary Club is looking for a place to meet. They meet on Wednesdays. The American Success Bank is best for a current mortgage. (Sean apparently now employed at lunch hour.) Ken will be back in December.
Kris is glad to be back (He was in India) Mark J. is an author.
Eric ($20) his daughter will soon be 15 and lost (in Tennis) to Maher but did better later.
Dr. Maher ($20) thanks to Ken and Sean. He does not have to play for a third week.
Rich Z., Zac and his mom are OK (re earthquake in Italy) Ellen, is happy for speaker today and Dan Blum is on his way. She announces a get-to-gether.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: via Rachel, the water is OK. Community day is 9/10. We will only sell water and snacks. There will be food trucks elsewhere.

TEXT is Elinor with helper Sy

SPEAKER: Daniel Blum, CEO at Phelps Hospital, speaks about hospitals. He went to elementary and high schools in NYC, got a bachelors, then a masters at NYU in health care.

                      SUMMARY OF TALK
Phelps is one of best hospitals in area. He has best of both worlds.
Phelps is associated with North Shore Jewish Hospital, now called Northwell (?), is the largest healthcare facility in area. Phelps has some of the best doctors in area. Almost everyone now has some form of coverage.

We usually meet at The Briar's restaurant every Friday for lunch. There will be NO full meeting on Sept. 2 because Sept. 5 is a Monday, Labor Day.
Those who want to attend on Sept. 2 will meet in the main dining room and eat and pay off the main menu with a smaller payment from club to attendees. For more details call 914-762-0111.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Aug .12 2016. briar Crier


1934: The first federal prisoners arrived at Alcatraz island (a former military prison) in San Francisco Bay.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott       SONG: Sy        INVOCATION: Anne Cargill


Ken is happy to be here
Beth, re her daughter is in Niagara Falls.
Scott ($4), his family is back together again, Cornell Weill meeting was good. Iran ambassador to UN gave a talk which was pro-Iran Ellen ($2) thanks for help Eric ($5) had great time in Cancun and met an English family there Lionel (speaker) is happy Joe about things we do have Stan no complaints Anne, her daughters are OK Mark j, five years from now many African-American girls will be named Simone, Dr. Maher ($10), Eric will send emails

SPEAKER this Friday will be Sy on Mideast Update

TEXT Elinor with helper Sy

TALK by Lionel Binnie on Internet Marketing. He was raised in England and came here in 1980 where he got a B.A. in political science from Fordham.

                           SUMMARY OF TALK He used screen and projector to talk about Cloud computing, Software, renting software, and Pay as you go. CRM stands for customer relationship management. Helps to contact customers. He is available as marketer, 914-406-9485. There are laws to protect people on internet. A large number of customers on internet is not good. What we do not know we do not know.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mt Pleasant Community Center will have get-to-gether on Sept. 10 (via Ellen), there is NO MEETING on Sept. 2 since Sept. 5 is Labor Day. Community Day is Sept. 10, Magic Masters is November 4, and we have a Rotary Exchange Student.

We meet for lu

Friday, August 12, 2016

Welcome to our new member Ellen Wood

Ellen is the Vitality Program Manager at Phelps Hospital. Vitality programs promote the social,

mental, spiritual and physical well-being of older adults. She has worked in this position for five

years. Prior to that, she was the Program Coordinator of the Hudson Valley Poison Education Center

at Phelps.

Ellen has a B.S. in Health Services from Montclair State University and an MPA in Hospital

Administration from Long Island University, earning high honors in both programs.

She has worked in multiple facets of health care during her career including radiology, the operating

room, emergency department, and women’s health just to name a few. She has a broad view of

health care services and has been in management for over 35 years.

Ellen is an excellent resource for health care related issues. Her job responsibilities include offering

assistance to those needing to maneuver through the health care system. She can be reached at 914-

366-3937 or

Thursday, August 4, 2016

July29, 2016. BriarCrier


THIS DAY IN HISTORY:1890: Artist Vincent Van Gogh, 37, died of a self-inflicted gun-shot wound
in Oise, France.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff


GUESTS: Steve Cotyn (via Rachel) and Larry DeNoia (a Rotarian from Peekskill)

PLEDGE: Scott      SONG: Sy      PRAYER: Eric

Dr. Bob Maher, ($10) Everyone paid dues
Rachel, Saw Mill Parkway in Pleasantville will be working
Rebecca, was at vault today
Eric ($10) will be in Cancun, Mexico with daughters Michelle and Julia.
Anne, her granddaughter came in second at Med School and she is going back
to health care
Rebecca, at vault today
Mark J., a lady parked closed to his car
Victor, both converted to gun ownership
Rich Z., will spend three months in Israel
Larry (guest) had announcement
Scott, re new ambulance

SPEAKER: Brother John from Maryknoll, did his elementary and high school
in Hempstead Long Island, then an associate degree from Westchester
Community College,  then a BS in Adult Education from the Royal College at
Maryknoll, spoke about his work as a missionary in Central America for the
Catholic Church.
                       SUMMARY OF TALK
He had polio as a kid so now walks with a limp, but respects Rotary for
work done on international polio. He conducts tours at Maryknoll. In
Central America he studied and speaks Spanish, and is happy to be here
since he spoke to Rotary in Briarcliff Manor in past. He spoke about
Catholic Church doing goodwill around the world and his relationship with
Maryknoll. It is important to learn how to communicate. English words have
different meanings in different parts of Central America.

TEXT, Elinor, helper Sy

THIS FRIDAY at The Briar's Restaurant, we should have State Senator
Carlucci, who will arrive late since has earlier speaking arrangement in
Rockland County.

We meet every Friday for lunch at Briars Restaurant on 512 North State Roadbetween 12 and 12:15 when we start meeting. For more details call

Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 13 2016 Briar Crier

1865: The Statue of Liberty arrived in the New York Harbor aboard a French

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff


GUEST: Justin Kim (via Eric)

PLEDGE; Scott     SONG: Sy        PRAYER: Sean

Scott, Thanks to Mark Seiden for his $contribution and for coming, and a
friend has terminal cancer
Dr. Bob Maher, ($10) his son got married last year, plus details re dinner
of June 24 (next Friday) Installation Gala by Scott
Eric, ($20) (Bob Maher) did a wonderful job at Captain Lawrence's Elmsford
Brewery on June 14 in the evening, the club netted between $1000-1500,
plus the fellowship there, he has a guest (Justin Kim) from Bronxville, he
is unhappy that Pocantico lost a favored administrator, his daughter went to Pocantico school
Anne is happy to be a great grandmother, which includes three
grandchildren, one boy and two girls - triplets,  they just graduated from high school
Rich is happy
Bishop John is happy about this wonderful country

Rachel re 1.5 km run. We will have the Installation Gala next Friday, come
at 3pm for dinner and appetizers and cocktails, Installation Dinner
already paid for, Guests at $50 each, do NOT come at 12:15 on Friday since
there will be no meeting in regular room, we will meet for Installation
Gala in regular room, Paul Rosen will attend.

SPEAKER, Richard Blank, Esquire, 

He went to elementary and high school in
Yonkers, then earned a BS. in chemistry and biology at Albany State, then
finished at Pace University in White Plains with a Juris Doctor degree.
He is with a small firm and specializes in intellectual property which
includes patents, trademarks and copyrights, mostly re software, which he
did prior to being a lawyer. He was active as a lawyer in a case against
Disney. The U.S. government does not understand intellectual property. See
the Alice case in the U.S. Supreme Court. Has to be done physically.  A
patent application involves a long and expensive process. In China, the
dictatorship is quick to enforce a patent held valid, but not the U.S. Re
drugs, normally a long period of testing, then file but now first to file.
Einstein said invention is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.

We normally meet at The Briar's restaurant on North State Road around
12:15 (except this Friday, when we meet at 3PM for Installation Gala). For
more details call 914-762-0111

TEXT: Elinor with Sy as helper

Friday, June 17, 2016

June 10, 2016 Briar Crier

                         THIS TIME IN HISTORY
1942: The Federal Government started withholding income tax from paychecks.


GUESTS: Gene Rudolph (via Scott), Bob Lanoff, Marissa and Andrea Lanoff (via Scott)

PLEDGE: Scott     SONG: Sy       PRAYER: Bishop John

Scott: Welcome to Lanoff family, Bob, and Andrea and neice Marissa, 
read Object of Rotary and re June 14 event at Elmsford Brewery,
June 14, includes all you can drink (beer and wine), food, entertainment
(magic), cost $50 per person, plus Installation Gala June 24, starting at
3 at The Briar's, includes dinner (covered by dues) so there is no meeting
at 12:15
Eric, welcome to our guests, the Lanoff  family
Dr. Bob Maher, jobs at St. Christophers, call 10-3, but they don't pay much
Anne re guests and her grandson is graduating from high school and going
to SUNY at Purchase
Rebecca re the Ossining Village Fair, 10-5, on Saturday
Rich, re high school
Mark J. to Laura-Lee Sports $200 for cookstoves
Bishop John re the guests
Gene (guest) is a retired court reporter from Brooklyn Federal Court

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Re Installation Gala on June 24, via Scott, see above, via
Rachel, the Village Offices will be open from 8:30 to 5, usually, but on
Friday only 8:30 to 12. Via Eric, re June 14 get-to-gether at Captain
Lawrence, Elmsford Brewery, see above via Scott, via Bob Maher, we have
$1-2000 for donations.

SPEAKER -- Mr. Amir Assad, went to elementary and high school in
California, then an A.B. in computer science at Northrup and an M.A. in
administration at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles).

                     SUMMARY OF TALK
He left California because he could not say "No", married to Angela, his
parents left Persia in 1973 and went to California, he was born in Persia,
which had various empires, for many years, one of which did not include
modern day Iraq and Syria, under Alexander, mostly Shia in Iran now, and
Teheran (Persia) is much older than U.S.   (The speaker has provided Youtube
link of the video he presented at the meeting.

TEXT, Elinor, with helper Sy

This Friday, June 17, we have as a speaker Richard Blank, Esquire on

We normally meet at The Briar's restaurant, on North State Road, for
luncheon around 12:15. For more details call 914-762-0111.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 3, 2016 Briar Crier

1897: Mark Twain was quoted by the New York Journal as saying, from
London, that "the report of my death was an exaggeration."

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott    SONG: Sy       PRAYER: Bishop John for "Rabbi" Rich


GUEST: Roger Swanson (a Rotarian from Peekskill & Rotary "Youth Exchange" Expert)
             Richard Couch (Scott's Friend)

  • Elinor: ($5) She went to Cornell in Ithaca and had dinner with three generations of Cornellians, herself, son and grandson who just graduated
  • Bishop John: He is a notary
  • Beth: Her daughter is on the way to Spain with a Rotary scholarship
  • Anne: She is very happy to be a great grandmother
  • Roger is happy to be here
  • Mark J: re Cookstove Project and wrote article - published materials
  • Vic: Has fifth grandson
  • Eric: ($5) reminds us of Briarcliff Club fundraiser at Captain Lawrence Brewery, Elmsford, NY, Tuesday, June 14th at 6PM - PLEASE COME, RSVP and build attedance for this important fundraiser: $50 per person, which includes live entertainment, food, and
    beer and wine (all you can drink), fun and prizes, RSVP to Eric at 914-924-3596,
  • Eric's son's team in baseball came in 3rd out of 51 teams!!!
  • Rich: re kids
  • Ken: re Sunday get-to-gether at Lutheran Church in Briarcliff
  • Lou: is very busy helping people
  • Scott: Roger's visit, Friend Richard Couch, recognizing President's visit to Hiroshima 
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Eric via Captain Lawrence, see above; Lou's birthday is
tomorrow (via Scott), Gil Reavill, our speaker, will autograph his book;
Rachel, tomorrow is the rubbish day at Congregational Church

SPEAKER: Gil Reavill on the Appalachin Summit. He went to elementary and high school in Wisconsin. Then a B.A. in English at the University of Colorado.


He wrote a book on the summit of national gangsters at Appalachin, New York near Binghamton. There was a hero from State Police and the victims all showed up in big cars, some were caught but did not know what to charge them with, but most later convicted of a conspiracy. That left Luciano as national head of gangsters.

TEXT: Elinor with helper Sy.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule:
  • This FRIDAY, June 10, 2016 (tomorrow) we have Mr. Amir Asadi on Iran's history
  • Next FRIDAY, June 17, 2016 Richard Mark Blank, Esquire on "Inventions"
  • Following Friday at 3PM, June 24, 2016 Briarcliff Rotary Installation Gala at The Briars

We meet every Friday at The Briars restaurant on North State Road at 12:00 -12:15P for lunch. For details please call 914-762-0111.

Monday, June 6, 2016

May 27, 2016 Briar Crier

2016: Pulitzer-prize-winning novelist Herman Wolk is 101.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott   SONG: Sy     PRAYER: Bishop John


GUEST: Amir Asadi

ANNE: ($3) Atria Garden need more high school Interact volunteers,
attended 70 awards at high school, and enjoyed Scott' son's bar mitzvah
ASADI: To be school helpful
ERIC: ($20) Gave two scholarships to HS seniors and wife reached 42 and he
is happy at St. Christopher's
SCOTT: Ossining Rotary has fundraising event June 16 at GE, Captain
Lawrence Rotary fundraiser on June 14, Memorial Day Parade on May 30, need
leaders (Elinor and Sy will be coming home from Cornell), Mothers' Day
Briarcliff Rotary was very successful thank you
HELEN LYNCH is happy to be here
KEN: ($10) his house sold via Eric, likes Internet and will be living in
RICH: Allowed open house after haircut
MARK J: in Tulsa and is glad to be back.

SPEAKER: Past District Governor Helen Lynch on Rotary International, a
member of Yonkers Rotary, went to elementary and high school in Manhattan
and Pace for two years.

                            SUMMARY OF TALK
Represented District in Chicago and attended Council on Legislation with
Benedetti, with many legislations withdrawn, but given a manual and red,
green, yellow and blue cards to vote, voted on Dues, had breakfast at 6:30
and lunch at 12:30, was in Chicago for a week, Polio still a problem, and
how Bermudas Rotary included in our district.

TEXT: Elinor with Sy as helper

This coming Friday we have Gil Reavill who will speak on the Mafia.

We meet every Friday for luncheon, around 12:15, at The Briar's restaurant
on North State Road. For more details call 914-762-0111.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 20, 2016 Briar Crier

1912: Amelia Earhart is the first women to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott   SONG: Sy     PRAYER: Bishop John


GUEST: Colin Halbach (grandson of Bishop John)

ANNE:  re mother's' day success,  She is motivated
BISHOP JOHN: club provided a TV to Phelps, and his grandson is from Minn.
MARK S.: ($5) to be here, since missed a number of meetings
ELLEN WOODS: ok re TV, her son graduated Muhlenberg (she is our
newest member and the secretary of the Phelps CEO, Dan Blum)
REBECCA: is just happy
SCOTT: is happy just to be here
KEN: to meet new members
RICH: is just happy

SPEAKER RE OPEN DOOR HEALTH HELP: Julie Peskoe, Director of Strategy
for Open Door and lives in Briarcliff. She went to elementary and high
school in Mamaroneck, with a B.A. from Boston University and an MBA
(masters of business administration) from Columbia University.
She has been a member of Open Door since 1972. They now have over 500
members and mostly serve Westchester and Putnam Counties, mostly kids. She
trained at Phelps in physicians' school. Open Door is open six days a week
and includes two dentists in a van. Open Door has nine social workers. All
are volunteers, that is, they do not charge for their time. Most patients
come from Ossining and Port Chester, with about 90% below the poverty

THIS FRIDAY we have Past District Governor Helen Lynch who will talk about

TEXT: Elinor Yuter with helper Sy.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: There is a Briarcliff Rotary fundraiser on Tuesday, June
14, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at the Captain Lawrence Brewery in Elmsford,
which for $50 per person can have unlimited beer and wine, raffle and food

(via Eric) and (via Rachel) there will be the usual parade on Memorial
Day, Monday May 30, starting around noon (at the old barber shop) and pool
will be opened (Elinor and Sy will be visiting Cornell May 29, and coming
back home MAY 30, where their grandson (third generation at Cornell) will
be graduating, majoring in computer science (he already has a job at
MICROSOFT in Seattle) and minoring in Japanese (he is half Japanese but
that language was NOT spoken at home)). (Via Anne) Interact club at
Briarcliff high school needs volunteers for gardening project at Atria, Tuesday, 5/24 at 2:24PM Atria Briarcliff.

We meet every Friday at The Briar's Restaurant) on North State Road for
luncheon around 12:15.  Call 914-762-0111 for any details