Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Tappan Zee Bridge Project: Cuomo Adviser to Address Briarcliff Rotary

Brian Conybeare, special advisor to the Governor for the new Tappan Zee Bridge Project, will address the Rotary Club of Briarcliff Manor on December 7, 2012, on the proposed new bridge.     Read more about it on the Pleasantville-Briarcliffmanor-Ptach HERE.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hurricane Sandy relief in the news

The Rotary Club of Briarcliff Manor has made a cash donation to the Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts organized by Rotarians for victims in downtown Manhattan. The Club appeals to local residents to donate generously to these victims.

Read the detail appeared in the Pleasantville-Briarcliffmanorpatch HERE

Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 16, 2012 Briar Crier


November 16, 2012  at The Briar's Restaurant, Briarcliff Manor NY Rotary Club

1806 – Explorer Zebulon Pike sighted the mountaintop now known as Pikes Peak in present day Colorado

MEETING LEADER  – President Kris Chittur

PLEDGE -  Sy Yuter       PATRIOTIC SONG – Sy Yuter       INVOCATION –  Bishop John

HAPPY THOUGHTS –  Anne – going to Texas; Bob Maher’s St. Christopher’s; Bishop John – many things

GUESTS – None, 18 Rotarians present

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Rachel – non-perishable food needed for the Food Pantry, especially with holidays approaching; December 14th meeting at Tuscan Grille instead of The Briar's; Eric - Our Club supported the Rotary Club of Wall Street with $1000 to aide Hurricane Sandy victims; Ernie – grapefruits are coming, all are needed to support the sales.

SPEAKER AND SUBJECT – Ben Wolff – The Box As a Gift

Ben Wolff entertained us with his cello.  Seated, he played high notes and low notes and soft notes, explaining all about the music of the cello.  He talks about “being boxed in may be a good thing”.  In 1954 Life Magazine published an article on why young American school children were not reading well.  Boredom was the answer and it was deemed necessary that children have fun reading.  Two hundred simple words were decided on to teach seven year olds.  Fantasy and whimsy might make reading fun.  Rhyming words and sentences could make it happen.  Ted Geinsler, (Dr. Seuss), wrote his book, The Cat In The Hat.  It was 61 pages long and the children could not put it down and started them liking to read.  Ben gave us all a small box with a chocolate inside.

No meeting November 23.  Thanksgiving Holiday

Elinor Yuter, Reporter
Rachel Leihbacher, Expediter

Friday, November 16, 2012

November 9, 2012 Briar Crier


November 9, 2012, Friday 12:00, The Briar's Restaurant, North State Road, Briarcliff Manor NY Rotary Club

1620 – The passengers and crew of the Mayflower sighted Cape Cod

MEETING LEADER – President  K. Chittur

PLEDGE – Sy Yuter            PATRIOTIC SONG – Sy Yuter            Prayer – Bishop John

HAPPY THOUGHTS AND BUCKS– Ernie has 15 grandchildren and knows all their names; Sy had two trees fall during the storm which missed the house; Kris – not happy to have lost power; Paul – happy for his successful surgery, especially when he woke up from anesthesia; Scott – will be active in Rotary International and his son, Sam, was with him.

ANNOUNCEMENTS –  18 Rotarians present

GUEST – Louis Fitzpatrick

SPEAKER AND SUBJECT – Heruka Ue -   Japanese History


Ken Shimazu introduced our 19-year-old speaker from Japan.  She reviewed Japanese history.  First called Edo then Kyoto which was the capital until the late 19th century, then Tokyo.  She came to New York because she was advised that young Japanese study here.  She is a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar.  Her dream is to have her own fashion magazine like Vogue.  She was advised to apply for the scholarship and a Rotary Club in Japan sponsored her trip.  She attends the Parson School of Design to prepare for her future career. 

Today Friday – Ben Wolff – The Box as a Gift

Elinor Yuter, Reporter
Rachel Leihbacher, Expediter

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ossining Harvest Fest photo

See the photos in the District newsletter.     Click HERE    to read the newsletter.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Magic Master game 2012

Annual Magic Master event sponsored by the Briarcliff Rotary Club was held on Friday night Nov. 9th rather than the originally scheduled  Nov. 2nd due to the unexpected Hurricane Sandy visit to the area.       The game between Magic Master and the all star Briarcliff team was won overwhelmingly by the audience/spectator, especially young ones as you can see from the slide show below.       See you all next year again!!!

Click HERE to see Pleasantville-Briarcliff Dispatch article and pictures.

Nov. 2, 2012 Briar Crier


November 2, 2012  at The Briar's Restaurant, Briarcliff Manor NY Rotary Club

1917: British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour issued a declaration of support for a "national home" for the Jews in Palestine.

Meeting Leader – Eric Lebenson

PLEDGE -  Sy Yuter    PATRIOTIC SONG – Sy Yuter        INVOCATION –  Paul Rosen

HAPPY THOUGHTS –  Scott L, tree fell on house but no one was hurt; Elinor – falling tree missed house but no power for 10 days

ROTARIANS: 16 present

GUEST – Marty Ketels from Phelps and the Pelham Rotary Club

ANNOUNCEMENT – Blood drive will be held at the Atria sponsored by Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

SPEAKER AND SUBJECT – Ken Shimazu – Live Better, Live Longer

Summary of Talk

Ken compared health care and health care costs of Japan and the USA to substantial benefit of Japan.  He is 14 years old as a Japanese (Japanese have a good custom of resetting calendar at age 60.....everyone liked the idea!)   He can live another 5 years as a Japanese (life expectancy of Japanese male is 79) but having lived in US for the last 50 years he may have only one more year left. (American male life expectancy is 76)         He will be 40 on 2038 and promised to attend the rotary club meeting in Briarcliff.

Today Friday  – My Plan As a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar – Haruka Ue

Elinor Yuter, Reporter
Rachel Leihbacher, Expediter

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Magic Masters this Friday Nov. 9th

Briarcliff Manor Rotary Club Presents:

Magic Masters

Tickets - $12.00/each in advance (**$15 at the Door)

Please make check payable to: Briarcliff Manor Rotary Club. You may purchase tickets at the Briarcliff Library, Briarcliff Rec. Dept., Weldon’s Stationers, or contact the number above.

For info. or to purchase tickets for the event contact:

Eric Lebenson   914-924-3596

On Sale

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