Wednesday, July 29, 2015

BRIARCRIER - 7/24/15

BRIARCRIER for July 24, 2015**

This Day in History
July 24, 1917: World War I draft lottery went into operation.

MEETING LEADER: President Jim Lupfer
PLEDGE: Mark J.    SONG: Sy        PRAYER: Brother John

Jim: Welcome everyone
Scott: He is sorry to hear about the passing of Zen Eidel
Rich: He had an issue with his son
Eric: He knew Zen Eidel, a godfather to his sons who are Little League players
Anne: Zen Eidel was wonderful
Dr. Bob Maher ($5): He used to play tennis and usually lost.
Etrusca: Zen was a very good friend
Ernie: His wife Doris had idea for benches. His grandson is a good baseball player.

SPEAKER: Brother John Blazo on Maryknoll

Maryknoll was organized as a Catholic institution many years ago.  It welcomes visitors, especially if they make a donation, but only Catholics can join Maryknoll.  He had polio when he was little and still walks very gingerly. He has been with Maryknoll a very long time, was a missionary in Central America, Philadelphia and D.C.  His official title is guide. Pope Francis is from Latin America and is infallible with his pronouncements but other thoughts do not bind Maryknoll workers.  He is bound by world we live in.  Everything in world is interconnected. Mediation protects us. 

Announcement: Rachel: Village hydroflushing next week. Pool will be open from noon.

TEXT: Elinor Yuter; helper is Sy

Friday: A Memorial for past-president Donald Wilde and recently-passed Rotarian Zen Eidel

**We meet every Friday at the Restaurant The Briar’s on 512 N. State Road around 12:15. 914-762-0111

Monday, July 27, 2015

Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 17, 2015 Briar Crier

July 17, 1915: The novel “Catcher in the Rye” by Salinger was first published.
MEETING LEADER: President Jim Lupfer
PLEDGE: Bishop John     SONG: Sy        PRAYER: Beth Hussain
GUESTS: Russel Kempton (via Sean) and Ann (via Mark J) plus Dr. James Davis 
Ken, happy to be back from Japan
Frances, Congratulations to Ken
Scott, Happy to meet his boys at camp in Maine
Davis (guest); happy to be here
Rich is just happy and his wife watered the flowers
Mark J., happy he went golfing
Anne, happy will gain from Club Fit
Bishop John, he has less guilt from missing last meetings
Russell (guest) happy it is wife’s birthday
Etrusca is happy she has puppy
Kris is happy he is back
Jim is happy everyone is here.
SPEAKER: Beth Leilani Hussain on Islam. She was born in Honolulu (where middle name comes from) then family moved to Oregon where she went to elementary and high school .  Baptized as an Episcopalian, then mother moved to Mormanism. She has a BS in English from Lawrence University, then went two years to medical school in Antiqua, then dropped out and finally met her husband Hussain, who was born in Pakistan (she wore a dress from that country), so converted to his religion of Islam.

There are five pillars of Islam including charity and  the hajj or trip to Mecca. Moslems pray five times a day, usually on a prayer rug. She was not clear about end of Ramadam, since a function of the moon in Mecca. Moslems fast during day during Ramadam (out of self purification) but have meal after sun goes down.  Ramadan followed by Eid-al-Fitr during which they eat.  When they pray they face Mecca. They are called to prayer by a Muezzin. Islam means peace. Pray to same god whom they call Allah, the name given by the last prophet, Mohammed. Moslems are descendent from Abraham who, according to Moslems, married who was considered a slave mistress by others.  The Quran, their holy book, which was dictated to Mohammed by God via angel Gabriel. They do not eat pork. Islam is the fastest growing religion.

TEXT: Elinor Yuter; helper is Sy
FRIDAY (TOMORROW): Brother John from Maryknoll. 
We meet at the Restaurant The Briar’s on 512 N. State Road around 12:15. 914-762-0111

Thursday, July 16, 2015

BRIARCRIER - July 10, 2015


This Day in HistoryJuly 10, 1890:  Wyoming becomes the 44th state.

Meeting leader: President Jim Lupfer
Pledge: Sean      Song: Sy         Prayer: Anne
Rotarians present: 15
Guest: Russell Kempton, friend of Sean

Happy Thoughts
Scott: Omar Sharif died today. Has good memories about his acting.
Beth: Last Monday, eldest daughter fell and cracked a vertebrae. We should pray for her.
Sean: The Confederate flag in capital of South Carolina is coming down today.
Haverkamp (our speaker): Had Rotary friends in college.
Dr. Bob Maher: ($10) Thanks to everyone who paid annual dues.
Rich: Taking day off tomorrow to be home and with his wife.
Jim: ($5) Tomorrow is his granddaughter’s  birthday. And today is first meeting of year.
Frances: Glad to be back. This is a happy occasion.

Announcements: From Dr. Bob Maher, Treasurer: Please pay up for next year, $800 for year; $400 for half year. $800 includes all meals, dues to Chicago and annual installation dinner.

Talk: Dennis Haverkamp on bees and wasps. He was raised in Kansas. Took a B.S. in Horticulture at Kansas State University.

Summary of Talk
He showed a video, a wasp’s nest and a section from a honey bee hive. The larger “bees” are really wasps and their sting hurts. Bees are less aggressive but are used primarily for polonization and also for honey, which he sold at $9 a bottle from honey made locally. Working bees live about six weeks and queen bee keeps laying eggs which hatch to replace dying  bees. Honey bees are not indigenous to the U.S. They were introduced by settlers.  The queen bee does not sting. Honey bees can sting but are not worse than wasps.  There are fewer hives in U.S. but same true for all insects.

Text: Elinor Yuter; Helper, Rachel
Friday (7/17): Beth Hussain on Islam
We usually meet at The Briar’s, 512 N. State Rd,  every Friday around 12:15. 914-762-0111