Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 21, 2015 Briar Crier

This Day in History
0049: Pompeii  volcanic ashes; an estimated 20,000 people died.
Meeting leader: Past-president Eric Lebenson
Pledge:  Rachel     Song: Sy      Prayer: Bishop John
Guests: None
Rotarians Present: 14
NO SPEAKER.  Instead Eric Lebenson read Jim Lupfer’s note that he got promoted by the Boy Scouts of America and he will be transferred to Buffalo so he will no longer be a member or president. Scott will be our new president-elect and Anne will be the new Secretary.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dr. Bob Maher, we have a balance of $15,788. We lost three members who should be replaced. And now we should add Jim Lupfer.
Next Friday. Superintendant Jim Kaishian re Briarcliff Manor schools. 
Text: Elinor, Helper, Sy
**We meet every Friday at The Briar’s Restaurant on 512 N. State road around 12:15.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 14, 2015 Briar Crier

This Day in History
1945; President Harry S. Truman announced that Imperial Japan had surrended unconditionally and that World War II had ended.
Meeting leader: Director Anne Cargill
Pledge:  Anne     Song: Sy      Prayer: Bishop John
Guests: Rod Ertischek for a short time, and Edmund Floris (via Sean).  
Rotarians Present: 16
Ernie ($5) is happy and his entertainment at his home went well. We will be doing hot dogs on Community Day
Jim Davis (our Speaker) is happy to be speaker
Ken is happy
Elinor is happy
Anne is happy that cataracts operation went well and sees colors better
Mark S. ($5) is going to see his mom and taking one of his daughters with him
Kris is happy
Dr. Bob Maher is happy that Ernie will help doing Community Day on September 12
Bishop John thanks all for their donations
Sy is happy to be here
Etrusca is happy with birthday

Antonia is happy because it is a beautiful day.
SPEAKER. Dr. James Davis on Veteran Suicides.  He graduated from elementary school and high school in California. Then went to Stanford where he got a BA in pre-med and his medical degree.  Then did a residency in Psychiatry at Montifiore in New York City. Then went into public health in Staten Island and ended up practicing psychiatry in Florida where he joined Rotary. He is now a snow bird so he will be going back to his Rotary Club in Florida.

Dr. Davis will talk about veteran suicides.  There are about ten per 100,000 per year.  We do not keep good records at Veteran Administration but it is a national crisis. The object of the military is to make good soldiers.  They are all volunteers and trained at boot camp. Once a soldier is out of uniform then goes to Veteran Administration. They commit suicide because then cannot stand the pain, and are mainly men but women’s figures are going up.  Treatment helps.  
Next Friday. NO speaker. We will talk to each other and have a Rotary talk from Jim Lupfer.
Text: Elinor, Helper, Sy
**We meet every Friday at The Briar’s Restaurant on 512 N. State road around 12:15.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Aug. 7th 2015 Briar Crier

Briercrier for August 7*
This Day in History
1789: The U.S. War Department is established by Congress.
Meeting leader: President Jim Lupfer
Pledge: Mark J.       Song: Sy      Prayer: Anne
Guest: Diana Chen
Rotarians Present: 16
Jim: welcome to all, on vacation until 8/28, at lake where he has a summer home
Mark S.: He is happy to be here on time
Eric ($5): his daughter did 20 miles on bike in a 53 mile tour
Sy: Happy to be here
Mark J.: is very happy
Mela Wu (our speaker): is very happy to be here
Etrusca: time goes by, and is very happy, puppy is one year old
ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Ossining Fire Dep’t is having parade via Rachel
SPEAKER: Ms. Mela Wu on Chinese Music. She went to elementary school, high school and college in China. She has degree in English literature from Yunnan University.  She came to America in 1990 and now is a U.S. Citizen
The Shen Yun symphony orchestra (Carnegie Hall, October 10, 2pm and 8pm) plays Chinese music going back 5000 years. The Chinese word “medicine” and word “music” are the same. Chinese instruments include the gong and the lute, which is a stringed instrument like the violin but played vertically. Chinese music goes back to the Han Dynasty.  Ms. Wu showed pictures of the Chinese symphony orchestra playing Chinese music.
Next Friday: Dr. James Davis re veterans.
Text: Elinor, Helper, Sy
*We meet every Friday at The Briar’s Restaurant on 512 N. State road around 12:15.