Thursday, July 27, 2017

July 21, 2017 . Briar Crier


                      THIS DAY IN HISTORY
1861; The Congress convenes in Richmond, Virginia.



MEETING LEADER: President Mark Johnson

PLEDGE: Mark Johnson     SONG: Sy     Invocation via Anne with help from
                                         book "God with two "O"s"
Anne, knew Bobby's wife
Howie, could walk here
Mark S. ($5) next week he is helping son move from Miami to go to medical
Stan, is just happy and last week was his birthday
Rich, happy birthday (to Stan)
Mark J. is back from vacation in Washington State, which he recommends
Elinor is happy that she won Paul Harris Fellow

Raffle, Elinor wins

TEXT: Elinor with helper S

 Last week our speaker was Robin Graham. Here are some brief notes from Sy about his talk:

Robin is CEO of the Peace Club, play football (our soccer) to make peace. HHis
club has 11 Virtues comprising commitment, respect, creativity, hope,
self-discipline, cooperation, initiative, sportsmanship, enthusiasm, trust
and responsibility. There should be three million players by 2030.

Friday, July 7, 2017

June 30, 2017 Briar Crier


                            THIS DAY IN HISTORY
1936: The Civil War novel, by M. Mitchell, "GONE WITH THE WIND" was

This was the installation luncheon at Traveler's Rest on Route 100 and the
agenda was: Dr. Bob Maher as MC plus his remarks, there was a cold and hot
buffet, the PLEDGE by Sy Yuter and PRAYER by Bishop John. The guests
included Shona and Dr. Erica via Anne, Tamie, the wife of Mark Johnson,
Selina, the wife of Bishop John, Mindy, Scott's wife, and Joanna, the
mother of Steve Marotto, plus Alice and Demitri, the wife and son of
Nathan. Howie Kutscher and Steve became Rotarians. The Rotarians Present
are all except Michelle, Ellen, Carl, Lou and Sean. Then Remarks by Scott,
Assembly woman Sandy Galef, the Town of Ossining's Dana Levenberg and Mark
Johnson, our next President. 

REMARKS. Scott re happy to be President of Briarcliff Rotary, took over
from prior president who got a higher job at the Boy Scouts of America,
plus his one extra year as president, he attended many functions as
president of Briarcliff Rotary and met many ambassadors. Also, comments
from Mark Johnson, our next president. Plus in attendance was Nathan, a
high school counselor, and James, the superintendent of schools, plus
Debbie, the high school principal.

A Paul Harris Fellowship was given to Elinor Yuter, a club member with
perfect attendance, plus she got a Paul Harris Fellowship pin and
Certificate, plus many nice comments, especially from Eric (who had a
signed copy of Elinor's 2003 book "Around the World in a Wheel Chair") and
quoted her "If you can do the China Wall (re those who are physically
challenged, Elinor has MS) you can do almost anything because there are
always people around who volunteer to help a wheel chair person", plus
comments from Sandy and Dana. Also comments from State Senator David
Carlucci re New York problems and Chris Drosopoulos, a hs coach, who also
got Paul Harris Fellowships as Honorees.

Monday, July 3, 2017

June 23, 2017 Briar Crier


                           THIS DAY IN HISTORY
1982: The princess of Wales has a boy, Charles, who will be next King of

MEETING LEADER IS Anne Cargill (since Scott on his way to his son's camps).


PLEDGE: Anne     SONG: Sy      Inspiration: Anne via "Spelling God with
                                                      Two 'Os'".
TEXT: Elinor via helper Sy.

THIS FRIDAY is the installation dinner at The Traveler's Rest.

Ken, ($30) for thirty years as a Rotarian
Eric, ($5) we have three Paul Harris Fellowships including our own Elinor
Yuter, he will miss Ken and his daughter whom he dated, finds good
locally, and attended St. Christopher's graduation
Dr. Bob Maher, at St. Christophers graduated 75 out of 79 and he is retiring
Bishop John is Not happy
Rich hopes Ken will visit us
Anne that both daughters are coming to installation luncheon
Mark J. is still celebrating his freedom (he will be next leader of club)
Mark S. re condos and most Briarcliffers are in Town of Ossining
Kris, we have another district.

TWO SPEAKERS re The Caucus, Larissa Wayne-Paulson who had elementary plus
high school plus a five-year course incivil engineering in Moscow, Russia
Aaron Stern, who went to elementary, high school and Baruch College, all
in Brooklyn.
                     SUMMARY OF TALKS
Via Larissa, gave summary of The Caucus including debates on issues facing
the Village of Briarcliff Manor, which was incorporated in 1902; and
Aaron Stern, past president of The Caucus and now vice-president. The
members of The Caucus do Not get paid and still looking for volunteers.
But Manager and the Mayor and Trustees get paid. Discussed taxes of
village residents. The golfcourse taxed separately and not according to
acreage. Thecourse is run by Donald Trump. The Caucus makesup letter and
sends it to residents once a year.The Caucus elected village Mayor and
Trustees since 1902 except for three years. If have any questions about
Caucus you can call him at 914-923-3343.