Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meet Our Members

To Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Briarcliff Manor,

Now we have 16 pictures in Meet Our Members. Please check them out (on the left column). If your picture is not there, or if you don't like your picture there, please email me a new one. Or, we can take a new picture of you next Friday. Thanks!



Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From Matts Ingemanson, District Secretary 2009-2010, RI District 7230

Rotary International District 7230 Year 2009-2010
Karl Milde – District Governor Elect

Fellow District 7230 Rotarians,

District Governor Elect Karl Milde has outlined a busy schedule with three events in May and June:

Rotary District Assembly on May 14, 2009, 6:00 PM
For information and registration, go to

Rotary Membership Seminar on June 4, 2009, 6:00 PM
For information and registration, go to

Karl Milde’s District Governor Installation as on June 30, 2009, 6:00 PM
District Governor Elect Karl Milde invites all Rotarians in our Rotary District 7230 to his installation as District Governor.
For information and registration, go to

Rotary is about having fun
and doing good things!

Matts Ingemanson
District Secretary 2009-2010
Rotary International District 7230

The power of the Internet puts the brains of millions of people together. It also puts 1.2 million Rotarians together. It does not matter where we are and when we are available. The Internet makes it possible for Rotarians around the world to participate together.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May 2009 Programs from Sy Yuter


1 *Briarcliff Schools Budget - Dr. Fran Wills, Superintendent
3 *Truck Day, Briarcliff High School Parking Lot - 11:00-3:00
8 *Mothers' Day Program
15 Fire Department History - Chief Douglas Cacciola
22 *Upcoming Rotary Year - President-Elect Mark Seiden
25 *Memorial Day Parade - Noon, Mark Seiden's Office
29 *Joy of Life - Don Wilde, Playwright

Monday, April 27, 2009



On April 24th, in 2003, Willie Shoemaker won his 8,000th race—200 more than any jockey in history. (And you should have seen how tiny he was. Willie Shoemaker was no bigger than a second. His father was smaller; he was no bigger than a minute.)


This is the second anniversary of the day on which Richard Nixon was officially designated “a wet blanket.” I believe the Reverend Billy Graham came in second.


OPENING CEREMONIES: Our weekly meeting was begun precisely at 12:17 and was celebrated with a dazzling fireworks display and a lengthy “Praise the Lord Shout-Out” from Reverend Lee

SALUTE TO THE FLAG, PATRIOTIC SONG, AND PRAYER: The Salute to Our Flag was led brilliantly by our very own Paul Rosen. The patriotic number, sung by Sy Yuter, and the prayer, led by Bishop John, sadly fell short of Paul’s high standard.

PRESIDENT FULFREE’S REMARKS: President Fulfree, after introducing our guests,
called for Community News. Paul Rosen (he was everywhere today!) responded by mentioning the Big Sale at Wustoff’s on Rt. 9. Knives, carving boards, and other house-hold items can be had for a song. President Fulfree followed by pointing out Briarcliff Rotary’s ad for the upcoming “Truck Day” in this week’s edition of The Gazette.

ANNOUNCEMENTS AND HAPPY THOUGHTS: Mark Seiden mentioned that his picture was in a recent real estate version of the N.Y. Times, under “independent agency folk.” Frances Chu reminded us of the imminent, fun-filled Asian-American Heritage Festival. And Don Wilde brought the meeting to a new low by whining about his and “Battling Bob” Maher’s recent tennis loss to Zen Eidel (Boo!) and Ernie Pacchiana. (Hiss!)

NEXT WEEK: Our speaker next week will be delightful.

OUR SPEAKER TODAY: Today’s speaker was Gili Zilca, who charmed us with her Israeli accent and her delving into “the mysteries of soap making.”

Ms. Zilca, the proprietor of the Skin Care store, “Luisa”, founded six years ago in Pleasantville---startled us by announcing that soap-making was very much like baking a cake, the chief difference being that it takes somewhat longer to make soap.

The reason that soap-making process is so lengthy is due to the number of ingredients in a bar of soap and their complexity. The ideal soap requires a delicate balance of oil, butter, and beguiling scent. The butter Ms. Zilca uses is Shea butter, from Africa, and comes from trees; the oil is Jaiba oil, and the scent is lavender.

A top-tier soap is defined by what it does: it must clean, exfoliate, nourish the skin, moisturize, and protect against nasty things in the environment, all at the same time.

Her list of necessary soap ingredients included--of all things--goat milk (!) and wonder-producing oils, distilled lovingly from flowers, stem, and fragrant leafs. Needless to say, all are present in the specialty soaps sold in her Pleasantville store.

The perfect soap should never clog pores, be good for both oily and dry skin, and be a perfect moisturizer into the bargain, she observed.

Before the advent of soaps, Ms. Zilca pointed out, people cleaned their bodies with sand (Oh, that really smarts!) and whatever water was handy. Of course, some people didn’t bother to keep refreshingly clean, but we won’t talk about them.

Altogether, it was an excellent talk. Thank you, Gila.


THE DRAWING: The first cash prize in our weekly drawing was won by Dr. Bob Amsterdam; the second by the lovely Shelly Lotter. In furious protest, Father John announced that henceforth he would no longer enter the lottery, intending to take up snake-handling, instead

MEETING CONCLUSION: The meeting was adjourned promptly at 1:32 pm, and was marked by a memorial service for Zen Eidel, who is wandering around someplace upstate.

Respectfully submitted by Recording Secretary, Don Wilde

4/24 Attendance - Robert Amsterdam, Lee Carrozzi, Frances Chu, Antonia Conte, Etrusca Cosentino, Zachary Cosentino, Rodney Ertischek, Peter Fulfree, Peter Garth, John Herzog, Eric Lebenson, Rachel Leihbacher, Shelley Lotter, Robert Maher, Geraldine Mahoney, Ernest Pacchiana, Paul Rosen, Mark Seiden, Carl Weiner, Donald Wilde, Elinor Yuter, Sy Yuter – Total 22

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mother' Day Luncheon - From Lisa Price, Briarcliff Manor Recreation Center


DATE: April 15, 2009
TO: Rotary President
FROM: Annette Mustich, Senior Citizens Director
SUBJECT: Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon

On Friday, May 8th we will be co-hosting the annual Mother’s Day Luncheon at 12 noon. Please review the following notes and suggestions so that this year’s luncheon is as enjoyable as the previous years.

The BMRD is happy to be responsible for the following:

Setting Up
Tablecloths, plates, cups and utensils
Setting up coffee
The Recreation Department will supply the DESSERT AND MILK

The BMRC will be responsible for:

Ordering food for approximately 60 to 70 people. (See attached for menu suggestions)
Greeting the guests
Serving refreshments before the food is served – wine, soda, etc.
Serving food, coffee and dessert
Raffling of the flowers
Please be sure that a couple of Rotarians are here prior to guests arriving.
Thank you for helping to make this an enjoyable luncheon.


1. Individual Dinner Rolls: Please try to avoid Garlic Bread, or any type of bread that needs to be portioned.

2. Meat: Chicken, in small portions with very little sauce, (you may even want to request it on the side) 2 TRAYS

3. Side Dish: Pasta or Rice 2 TRAYS

4. Vegetables: In small portions 2 TRAYS NOT SALAD

Please arrange for the food to be delivered around 11:30-11:45. We can always keep it warm in the oven.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Friday, April 17th, 2009


On April 17th, 1894, Nikita Khrushchev was born. Happy birthday, Niky, wherever you are!


I.Q. is expandable. Poor children adopted into upper middle class homes, see their I.Q. jump by 12 to 18 points. I.Q.’s have risen sharply over time. Half the population in 1917, would be considered mentally retarded by today’s measurements. Speaking of declines, children’s I.Q. drop or stagnate over summer vacation. Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?


OPENING CEREMONIES: Our weekly meeting was begun precisely at 12:17 pm, to the sound of trumpets and a lovely lighted-fountain display, outlining the History of Psycho-Therapy.

SALUTE TO THE FLAG, PATRIOTIC SONG, AND PRAYER: The Salute to Our Flag was led by a patriotic Sy Yuter; our national anthem was sung gloriously by one and the same person; and the Reverend Lee brought things to a thrilling climax with an appeal to Our Maker for Universal Justice and an unbroken string of sunny weekends.

PRESIDENT FULFREE’S REMARKS: President Fulfree, after introducing our guests, informed us of the upcoming Board meeting this week and put in a plug for our soon-to-come Truck Show.
ANNOUNCEMENTS AND HAPPY THOUGHTS: Geraldine Mahoney distributed--with enormous charm and flair-- sign-up sheets for members’ duties on Truck Show Day. As for Community News, we were told that Briarcliff Blood Day, though not quite as respectable as in years past, was still eminently successful. Zen Eidel rose to announce
that our club is offering six (6) new benches in the Village, each to be inscribed with the names of generous donors; Carl Weiner announced his annual fishing trip, and Gerry Mahoney returned to tell assembled members about her bicycle adventures. There was also mention of the fact that this year President Obama and his family will be holding a Seder. This caused great consternation on the part of Sy Yuter, who was heard to mutter, “Funny, they don’t look Jewish.”

NEXT WEEK: Delighting us on April 24th, will be Gila Zilca, who will speak on--of all things--“The Science of Soap Making.”

OUR SPEAKER TODAY: Today’s speaker was Anthony Radice, who gave a delightful talk on “Rye Playland 2009.”

Mr. Radice opened with a short film on the mass exodus from the city to the suburbs, and the need for entertainment to be provided there. Thus, enter Playland

Playland —the first planned Amusement Park--was founded some 80 years ago and has been a magnet for kids and parents to Rye ever since. The cost to build the Art Deco Park: $5 million. The sponsors: the trolley car people, who stood to profit from providing
transportation to and from the park.

Playland—the first planned amusement park--features seven historic ride, from merry-go-rounds to rollercoasters. In the beginning, there were several accidents, but precautions have been taken since then to assure patrons that at Playland safety always came first. The rides are inspected daily, and there is a “Safety Pyramid” to make sure that safety does indeed prevail.

Playland is also a respected, responsible citizen. It gives back to the community by hiring Westchester residents and through contributing in a variety of ways to the life and prosperity of the county.

Playland has “two-tier pricing” (Residents and non-residents). This year (2009) will feature free entertainment: a “Big Band” and, on Wednesday and Friday evenings, a rousing fireworks display.

It’s a fun-filled way to spend a lazy summer day or evening. Try it. You’ll love it!


THE DRAWING: The were four (4) winners in this week’s lottery: Zen Eidel was first; the Rev. Lee Carozzi was second; and Playland coffee cups were awarded, as a lagniappe, to two lucky club members. In protest, an empty-handed Bishop John accused lottery officials of fraud, and attempted to stab himself with a plastic fork.

MEETING CONCLUSION: The meeting was adjourned promptly at 1:32 pm, and was marked by Rod Ertischek’s—clad in his merry daredevil costume—asking to be fired from a cannon.

Respectfully submitted by
Recording Secretary, Don Wilde

Today's Attendance:

4/17 - Robert Amsterdam, Barbara Briganti, Lee Carrozzi, Frances Chu, Antonia Conte, Etrusca Cosentino, Zeneth Eidel, Rodney Ertischek, Peter Fulfree, Peter Garth, John Herzog, Rachel Leihbacher, Geraldine Mahoney, Ernest Pacchiana, Fiala Portnoy, Carl Weiner, Donald Wilde, Frances Wills, Elinor Yuter, Sy Yuter


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From Mark Seiden

Ossining MATTERS Presents… Rosanne Cash in Concert with John Leventhal Music From An American Icon! April 18th!

As a Westchester native, I feel very strongly about supporting my community. After all, the residents of my community have supported me professionally and personally for many years. To that end, I would like to remind you that Ossining MATTERS Education Foundation will be holding its 6th annual gala fundraising concert on Saturday, April 18th at Ossining High School at 7PM. The event will feature Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash performing along with her husband, Grammy-winning producer-songwriter, John Leventhal. I’m planning to attend and thought this might interest you too! For tickets, please visit and click on the link, “Buy Tickets Online.”

A major element of the event will be a reception at the Ossining Public Library, for premium ticket holders. The reception will feature live and silent auctions. Additionally, there will be an online auction. It is officially open TODAY! Visit It’s easy to register. Make sure to tell your friends and family about the site!

The three auctions include a wide variety of items: Yankees and U.S. Open tickets; instrument and voice lessons; restaurant and spa gift certificates; tickets to Billy Elliot on Broadway, plus a backstage tour; interior and garden design consultations; exclusive Twilight book and movie items and much, much more! In this difficult economic climate, it’s more important than ever to show your support. The goal of the foundation is to generate community awareness and support for the district in order to provide an ongoing source of funds, through grants and other fundraising efforts, to augment the programs offered in the Ossining Public Schools.

As a Realtor®, I pride myself on my commitment to my community as well as my unique, innovative approach to real estate. I know that my clients need to be aware of the current market conditions and want their homes to sell quickly and for top dollar. That is why I guarantee ongoing communication about showings through our Centralized Showing Service. I offer comprehensive virtual tours on my own website and well as links to my site from over 50 various other sites such as Craig’s List and And, most recently, I introduced Listingbook, enabling my clients to search Multiple Listing Service like an agent! All I do has allowed me to differentiate myself from the others! This is why I am the top agent selling more houses in 2008 than any other agent in Westchester County, which consists of over 7,000 Realtors®, from the nearly 800 offices affiliated with the Westchester-Putnam Multiple Listing Service.*

Please remember, that only part of my success is because of my marketing. I am primarily successful because of referrals from my satisfied clients! So, if there are people you know, whether they’re local or not, who want to sell or buy in Westchester County, New York State, or anywhere else in the country, please give them my phone number, website or email address. I will take care of them personally or find a great agent for them wherever they are!

Please feel free to contact me for any of your real estate needs! You may also visit And here’s some great news! I’ve recently changed my website so that I am better suited to respond to your needs. Please take a moment to browse through the pages to familiarize yourself with the new format. I update my site daily so continue to check back often to obtain information about community events, listed properties and valuable resources.

By the way, if you know of anyone who speaks Spanish and is looking to buy or sell a home, we can help them too! Please refer them to El Sueño Americano Real Estate group at (914) 487-1500 or


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Next Fellowship Banquet - 7/19/09

Please keep 7/19/09 open for our next Fellowship Banquet. Sy is negotiating a 10-course Tasting Menu for a Jewish Banquet at the HEIGHTS BISTRO & Bar, 334 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown Heights, NY10598. The menu is full of my favorite appetizers & entrees. Oh, and desserts too. Yummy!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Friday, April 10th, 2009


On April 10th in the year 1870, Vladimir Lenin, the force behind the Russian revolution,
was born. (Also, rumor has it that he is the bearded man on the left on the Vicks Cough Drop box.)


“Oh, isn’t life terrible, thank God.”
--Dylan Thomas

Because of Good Friday, the Recreation Center was closed. As a result, our weekly meeting was moved to Squire’s Good-Time-and-Inexpensive-Food-Emporium. The meal was remarkable! The crowd, jovial!! The entertainment, non-pareil!!! And all under the tutelage of Paul Rosen, Esq.

At the opening of the meeting, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra wowed us with sprightly selections from the works of Rimsky Korsakov, enhanced by the exotic dance interpretations of Dr. Fran Wills and Ernest Pacchiana. This was followed by Dr.Bob Amsterdam’s display of teeth extracted from famed Americans and a bevy of lovely, anonymous Swedes. Then, while club members gorged on foie gras and peacock—and had thirsts quenched by champagne and exotic brandies--there was a breathtaking fireworks display, featuring The Crucifixion (Today was Good Friday!), highlighted by a spot-on likeness of Jesus, flanked by the two thieves, one of whom vaguely resembled Don Wilde or Francis Scott Keyes.

The day mounted to a crescendo with a surprise visit from President Barack Obama, who spoke to us about U.S. tax relief and the immediate jailing of various Wall St. executives. The President was followed by a triumphant return of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, who, in league with the Briarcliff High School Marching Band, played us out of Squire’s and onto Rte. 9, where we were set upon by a pitchfork-wielding mob, who mistook us for gypsy card sharps. (An understandable misreading: Sy Yuter had a multi-colored bandana wrapped around his head, while Carl Weiner was dealing cards from the bottom of the deck and offering to pave people’s driveways)

If you missed this year’s Good Friday meeting, you missed the highest peak of Briarcliff Manor’s social season—and may all the Saints in heaven forgive you! It was an exciting, heart-stopping occasion that will live on in people’s memories for minutes. .

And that, in a nutshell, is what happened this week at the Briarcliff Rotary get-together.

.Respectfully submitted by Recording Secretary, Don Wilde

Meeting at Squire's on 4/10/09 was attended by:

Robert Amsterdam, Frances Chu, Zachary Cosentino, Peter Garth, Ernest Pacchiana, Fiala Portnoy, Vladimir Portnoy, Paul Rosen, Carl Weiner, Donald Wilde, Elinor Yuter, Sy Yuter


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Friday, 4/10/09 Lunch from Ernie Pacchiana

Friday's Meeting will be at Squires at noon April 10 . 09


Important Notice - From Ernie PacchianaTreasurer


July 1, 2009 begins the start of our chapter's 28th year.

President Mark Seiden
Secretary Geri Mahoney
Treasurer Ernie Pacchiana
President Elect to be determined
Four Directors to be determined

Dear Rotarians,

There will be new Membership Requirements as of July 1, 2009

Annual dues will be $600 per person. This payment will cover the cost of your International Rotary Membership Fee, all of the catered lunches provided to you at the weekly meetings, and the Annual Installation Dinner.

Please pay your dues on or before June 30h, 2009. In cases of financial hardship, other payment schedules can be arranged on an individual basis.

Attendance requirements for membership have been waved. We expect Good Rotarians to attend as many of those interesting (and prepaid) Friday luncheon meetings as possible.

A new “Committee Plan” has been adopted to help everyone participate more fully and effectively in this next year's Rotary Agenda. Every member will be expected to participate in one or more special committees as determined by the board of trustees and as agreed to by the member involved.If you can not conform to the above requirements you are still welcome to come to Rotary meetings as a non member. Nonmembers will be charged a $15 per luncheon fee.

If you have specific concerns about the above matters DO NOT EMAIL ME! CALL me at 845-878-7001

DIRECTORSHIPS Contact Mark Seiden if you wish to be considered for a directorship.Yours truly,

Ernie PacchianaTreasurer


Sunday, April 5, 2009


For those who attended the Briarcliff Manor Rotary Fellowship Banquet of 3/15, you have met some of my talented friends. They are actually all very multi-talented. For instance, Linda Woo in addition of being a gourmet food expert, a judge of beauty and talent pageants, a winner of tennis competitions, she is also an award winning Tango dancer. And Chester Mah, our volunteer photographer, in addition to being a goodwill ambassador among non-profit organizations, is a well known and much sought after photographer specialize in taking exhibition ballroom dancing pictures & videos for Ballroom World Champions. Then of course, he is a good ballroom dancing partner himself. Instead of more words, please click on:



Revised April Briarcliff Rotary Program

From Sy Yuter
10 *Round Table at Squires
17 *Rye Playland 2009 - Anthony Radice
24 *Science of Soap Making - Gili Zilca


Friday, April 3, 2009


Friday, April 3rd, 2009


On April 3rd in the year 1882, Jesse James was shot to death by a member of his own gang. On April 3rd in the year, 1941, singer Wayne Newton was born (Ahh, Wayne, Wayne, where are you now?), proving once again the wisdom of “They come, they go”.


“Wind power and sun power are unreliable. If the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine, you’ve got nothing.”

--A deep thinker


OPENING CEREMONY: Our weekly meeting was officially opened at 12:21 PM, with a trumpet voluntary and a round of roof-raising cheers

SALUTE TO OUR FLAG, PATRIOTIC SONG, AND BENEDICTION: The salute to our flag was headed by a patriotic Ernest Pacchiana. Following Mr. Pacchiana’s performance, Sy Yuter, in peak form, led the group in a heart-wrenching interpretation of “My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee.” It was a lyrical moment. The Reverend John finished things off with an appeal to The Almighty for much-needed forgiveness.

Paul Rosen hailed the $30 million lawsuit that was recently awarded to the Masons, Geraldine Mahoney saluted Mark Seiden for his conducting of a successful Training Session, and President Fulfree announced that there would be NO MEETING next week at our usual spot; instead, we shall raise a glass at SQUIRE’S.

There was no community news.

NEXT WEEK’S SPEAKER: Our guest speaker on April 10th will be Gila Zilca, who will update us on “The Science of Soap Making.” (Yes, you read that right: Soap Making.)

TODAY’S SPEAKER: Our speaker today was Mr. Tom Lichbacher, who took us on a trip down Memory Lane, as he spoke about Briarcliff history, in the 1960s and ‘70s.

Tom reminded us of Briarcliff when he was growing up; a much more secure time when the Briarcliff Lodge and after that King’s College stood,.where today there is nothing but empty space….when there were boisterous Little League games, and Briarcliff citizens turned out to watch…when Law Park boasted an award-winning Swim Team and lively tennis battles…when the Middle School (now Atria) had movies projected on its front façade …when there were regular Saturday morning basketball games at Todd School …when there were football games in Law Park…when there was sleigh-riding down the hills of what is now the Trump Intergalactic Golf Course…when there were hockey games at Goose Neck Park and tournaments on the tennis courts of Law Park…when there was Joe Weldon’s Deli, where you could grab a sandwich and a coke without digging into capital…when the gracious, old Briarcliff stationery store existed…when Briarcliff families of eight or more were not an anomaly…and when the Village was wonderfully close-knit--everyone knew just about everyone else..

Tom gave the credit for much of this to Walter Law, the father of the Village, who founded Law Park, the Caucus System, and much else, and who was the instigator of Briarcliff Pride.

Briarcliff is still a friendly place to live and a place to bring up a family, said Tom. But there was a slight catch in his voice. He remembered the way our Village one was.

Many of us do.

Wonderful talk, Tom. Thank you so much!


THE DRAWING: The first winner was Ernie Pacchiana; I am too dejected to announce. the name of the winner #2. .In a show of sympathy, Bishop John declared that he was torn between entering a monastery or shooting himself.

CLOSING CEREMONY: This week’s meeting drew to a close precisely at 1:33 pm, and was highlighted by Bishop John’s welcome decision to refrain from shooting himself.

Submitted by
Recording Secretary, Don Wilde


Robert Amsterdam, Frances Chu, Antonia Conte, Etrusca Cosentino, Zachary Cosentino, Zeneth Eidel, Rodney Ertischek, Peter Fulfree, John Herzog, Eric Lebenson, Rachel Leihbacher, Robert Maher, Geraldine Mahoney, Ernest Pacchiana , Paul Rosen, Mark Seiden, Ken-Ichi Shimazu, Donald Wilde, Elinor Yuter, Sy Yuter.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Attendance Sheet

Dear Rotarians of Rotary Club of Briarcliff Manor,

Our board of directors has asked me to keep track of our weekly attendance and keep them in our Blog Site.

In order to do that, I’ve generated a new Attendance Sheet. It is one sheet a month using a Legal Size paper. April 2009 Attendance Sheet was attached and sent to you all via an email for your review.

Our names are listed alphabetically by last names and they are listed next to their associated sequential numbers. Please just put your initials next to the slot of your name under the correct date. At the end of the meeting, I’ll copy the positive numbers (the ones with initials) and update the record sheet in my PC database with “Yes”. Hopefully, we’ll see the sheet filled with “YES” at the end of each month. Ernie can keep the hard copy for our records.

Since my scanner can not scan legal size paper, I'll convert the numbers to names of attendees and include them in Don Wilde's Weekly Reports after I receive them as emails. Our available Weekly Reports are being kept in our Blog Site since February.

Please give me your comments. Your ideas in how to improve the sheet will be greatly appreciated.

All the best,