Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 22, 2016 Briar Crier


1864: Congress authorizes "In God We Trust" on our coins.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott     SONG: Sy    PRAYER: Bishop John


GUESTS: Gene Vistola, Christian Vistola and Lisa Vistola (related to
speaker) Alex Vistola, Karen Smith and Carine Feist from the Historical
Society, and Past District Governors David Del Monte and Janet DiBenedetto
plus Richard Blank, Esquire plus Larissa Wayne (both via Scott).

Dr. Bob Maher $20) again lauds Sylvester Williams who passed away, and was
a leader of Interact's St. Christopher and Stan Thompson's best friend, and
looks forward to the Annual Meeting on May 3 and Happy Birthday Sy (who is
92) (he sent a magnificent birthday present to Sy, with balloons and
chocolate covered fruit in a nice vas)and his son is getting married
Eric ($20) welcomes David and Janet, and Karen Smith, plus saw "Purple"
and remembers "Prince" and annual gala with professionals
PDG David have a happy party
PDG Janet is delighted being a grandparent
Rich ($20) is happy with the Guests
Beth, her son's fifth birthday
Scott, next Saturday he will be attending and celebrating his son Alexander's Bar Mitzvah at CSI in Briarcliff (Approx. 9:30AM to 1:00PM - Lunch will be served (matzah - no bread on Passover) - ALL are welcome to come and join in his celebration & pride.
Scott will not be here on Friday plus a bar mitzvah plus happy birthday Sy and
Chelsea plus Anne will run meeting
Anne re triplets, two of whom are doing well and third not so
Kris is delighted with guests
Howard Penn is president of Ossining Rotary and gives $220 to our club via
a check.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: VIA Kris, ok re Saturday and joint meeting at Trattoria in
Pleasantville next Tuesday, Rachel Fire department has an open house on
Wednesday from 12-4. PDG David re Kris as future Governor.

SPEAKER: Alex Vestola on Briarcliff Manor Lodge. He went to elementary and
high school in Briarcliff, with a BA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
from Vassar and a certificate  in museum studies from SUNY.
                              SUMMARY OF TALK
Had various pictures of lodge which he talked about. Lodge had famous
guests, including Johnny Weismuller, Elinor Roosevelt and Al Smith. The
lodge was built  by Walter Law to attract buyers of his real estate, the
farm having been moved northward. Its dining room was built in 1909 and a
famous chef, La Croix. Plus greenhouses with famous Briarcliff rose. It
also had a golf course which was later expanded to include what is now
Trump's golf course. Also a garage and its own power house. Plus croquet
for women plus tennis. With a costume ball in 1925. And views of the
Hudson River. It was built on the highest hill in Briarcliff which also
had a water tower for the village. Also a ballroom and libraries, and
with survivors of The Titanic as visitors. Walter Law loved the people who
came to his lodge.

Next Friday we have George Behling who will speak on the history of Yogurt.

TEXT, Elinor with helper Sy

April 28, 2016 meeting

Briarcliff Rotary Members and Friends,
Today is a joint meeting in Pleasantville.  Here are the details:

  • Pleasantville would like to host a luncheon on Thursday April 28,2016.
    It will be held at,
    Trattoria 160 
    160 Marble Ave
    Pleasantville NY.
    The cost of the luncheon will be $22.00 a three course meal. There is plenty of free parking.
    Rob Raylman, Executive Director of Gift of Life International will be our speaker.

Friday, April 22, 2016

A message from president Scott and April 15, 2016 Briar Crier

Dear Briarcliff Rotarians, Friends & Guests,
Today's meeting should begin promptly at 12:15P as we have a full agenda.
By pleasant coincidence, we may have two (2) Past District Governors (PDG) on hand.
PDG, David Del Monte, to recognize our very own Kris Chittur for his efforts in supporting the District's Rotary Friendship Exchange, this past year, with Rotarians from Turkey and PDG, Janet DiBenedetto, to urge our Club's participation in next Thursday's Joint Club Meeting in Pleasantville.  The speaker, next Thursday will be Rob Raylman, The Executive Director of Gift of Life International.  Rob's story is beyond inspiring and is firsthand evidence of what we, as Rotarians, can accomplish.
Pleasantville luncheon on Thursday, April 28,2016.
It will be held at: 
Trattoria 160 
160 Marble Ave
Pleasantville NY.
The cost of the luncheon will be $22.00 a three course meal. There is plenty of free parking.
We'll discuss the logistics of next week's meetings.
Lastly, we'll have several guests to introduce. 
Our speaker today is Alexander Vestola from the Briarcliff Historical Society.
With thanks to Elinor and Sy Yuter - below is the BRIERCRIER:


1912: The luxury liner, Titanic, hit an iceberg and sunk.

GUESTS: Michael Sommer (via Scott, Michael left early) and Richard Blank,
Esq. Plus Ellen Woods (membership application pending)

PLEDGE: Scott    SONG: Sy  PRAYER: Anne (via Herb Silverman)


Rachel have village manager in place of village mayor (who had a close
relative pass so could not come)
Eric, Capt Lawrence Brewery, a fundraiser, June 14, also at Briarcliff
High School, were late May awards
Philip (our speaker) his father was head of Rotary in what is now Sleepy
Anne, she broke her nose
Mark J. is a new grandfather
Scott, St. Christopher's a new interact
Dr. Bob Maher ($5) Sylvester Williams passed away from a heart attack, one
of his best workers, plus prayer for him
Stanley & St. Chris Interact, had two Midnight Runs

SPEAKER: Phillip Zegerelli, Briarcliff Village Manager, in place of Mayor,
elementary and high schools in what is now Sleepy Hollow, then BA in
Government at Columbia, then a MIA in International Affairs, also from
Columbia.  He is a Navy vet who reached the rank of Lieutenant, and spent
time in Antarctica.
                           SUMMARY OF TALK
He spent all of his time talking about the new building (the pavilion) at
the pool, which was covered by insurance. Still investigating the cause of
the fire, which was started by a person. The mayor lost her father-in-law.
The new restaurateur will pay taxes. They closed the youth center on Macy
Road. The village lost two trees, Dogwoods. The Village Pool will open on time.
There will be a new kitchen plus 12 picnic tables and no stairs. the
village is in great shape. The Fire Department is made up of all
volunteers. The Fire Department does not cost the village any money. They
fixed all of the leaks in the Pavilion. The chief of police retired.

This coming Friday we have Alexander Vestola, who will speak about the
Briarcliff Lodge.

TEXT; ELINOR, helper, Sy.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: A belated Happy Birthday for Ernie.

We meet at The Briar's restaurant, 512 North State Road, every Friday at
lunch around 12:15 pm914-762-0111

Friday, April 15, 2016

April 8, 2016 Briar Crier

1904: Longacre Square in Manhattan was renamed Times Square after the New
York Times.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

GUESTS: Marshall Ash and Joe Randazzo (via Dr. Maher), Dr. Joseph Kessler
(via Lou) and Ellen Woods (this is her third meeting and she will become a
Rotarian and join our club), Bob Berson, Susan Singer and Janet Gallagher

PLEDGE: Scott    SONG: Sy    PRAYER: Bishop John


Mark J. became a grandfather
Dr. Bob Maher, Good Morning and Marshall is here
Scott ($2) current president is president elect, delighted that Erica is
here, it is Ernie's birthday (a founding member, we sing Happy Birthday).
Anne, re Ethical Culture and Erica, her daughter
Rich, to see Bishop John
Eric, next Tues, 6/14, is date for Captain Lawrence's Brewery fundraiser,
$45 per person, will include 50-50, etc. His birthday is next week.

Next Friday's speaker is Briarcliff Manor's Mayor Lori Sullivan [NOTE CHANGE BELOW]

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Via Rachel; The Mayor is coming and blood drive by Fire Dep't

SPEAKER is Erica Cargill Jones (Anne's daughter) on Good Heart Health,
went to elementary school and high school in what is now Sleepy Hollow, a
B.A in biology from Northwestern University and an M.D. from Cornell in
NYC, finishing medical work in 1992.
                           SUMMARY OF TALK
She talked on advanced age, family history, male gender, high cholesterol
and no smoking. Also, dying of heart disease is much more likely than
dying from breast cancer. Timing is most important, try to get to
Cardiologist in 24 hours of what believe is a heart attack. Sometimes,
indigestion and fatigue are confused with heart attack. Dentists sometimes
recognize a heart attack in time to save a life.

TEXT, Elinor; Helper is Sy

CONFIRMATION: We meet at The Briar's Restaurant, 512 North State Road,
every Friday around 12:15 for lunch. To repeat, next Friday's Speaker is
Briarcliff Manor Village Manager, Philip E. Zegarelli, who will talk about the village.