Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Interact Club members at the Westchester Mall raising fund

I hope your week is going well and that you are enjoying the spirit of the
Holidays. It’s a lovely time of the year, with all the bright lights, food and
festivities! The other day, I visited Stanley and some of his Interact Club members
at the Westchester Mall, and witnessed first-hand how hard they are working to
raise funds through wrapping gifts for customers. I was inspired by the three
young ladies involved with this effort and could see how much benefit they have
received from St. Christopher’s and their involvement with Rotary. Thank you,
Stanley, for keeping these young folks engaged in service work, which helps them
                        Mark Johnson, president Briarcliff Rotary

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sept 29, 2017

Last week we had Mary Seacor and Mikki Shaw sharing about the Ossining Micro Fund, an organization formed 14 years ago.  Each year this organization helps countless individuals and families with emergency no interest loans in the Westchester area. The very first donation they ever received in support of their good work was from the Ossining Rotary Club, which helped them get started. It’s always uplifting to know we have local non-profits helping those in need in our communities.           M. Johnson

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sept. 8, 2017 . Briar Crier

Briar Crier – by Sy

Pledge: Mark J.     Song: Sy      Invocation: Scott via Lincoln Statement

GUEST: Margaret Gasser (via Antonia and future Rotarian)

TEXT; Elinor with helper Sy

NEXT Friday (Sept. 15) is Amir Asadi who will speak on Membership.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Via Rachel. Tent will be at its usual place for Community Day and via Eric we will sell only popcorn and give away water. Food trucks will sell hotdogs. hamburgers and soda. Cotton Candy will not be sold.

Stan: He will have St. Christopher marchers at Community Day

Eric($20) will have fundraiser at Elmsford plus his relatives

Ann the anniversary of her son who passed away plus China visit

Mark J, His stepson getting married

Internet plus Board Meeting

Kris, delighted to be speaker (on October 06)

Beth, her kids are back

Dr. Maher to hear about Community Day plus Bangladesh.

SPEAKER is Mahbub Ahmad, past president of Yonkers Club and active at UN
with MA in International Affairs from John Hopkins and who was supposed to
speak on District Technology.

                            Summary of Talk.
Thanks Scott for introduction. Identifies members who learn what challenges there are and our Goals which include state of our club, our current home, our executives and our communications. We can get help and advice from the District (District 7230 with Barbara Harris Edwards as District Governor). He is active at UN in six languages.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

July 28, 2017 . Briar Crier


                   HISTORY FOR THIS DATE
2016: Ticks' numbers and territory grow.

MEETING LEADER: President Mark Johnson

GUEST: Jenny Doane (she is a Rotarian and A.G. from Baldwinville, NY.)


PLEDGE; Mark J.     SONG; Sy      Invocation: Mark J.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: via Rachel: Community Day will be like last year with Food
Trucks providing the hamburgers and hot dogs. Dr. Bob Maher, treasury is
OK if future members pay up dues. Kris says future leaders should go to
Hartford meeting.

TEXT: Elinor with helper Sy

NEXT FRIDAY August 4 we have Dusty Berke who will talk on Memorial.

Jenny ($10), it is nice to be here
Rebecca ($5) her son Anthony is 32 years-old
Steve (our speaker) is happy
Kris is delighted that Jenny here
Joe ($100) that his wife is back home from hospital
Eric ($20) great to see Jenny, he went to golf game at Sleepy Hollow, and
met girl who turned out to be his wife
Mark J, his granddaughter is coming from Chicago
Anne, her daughter Joanna is now 50
Rich is happy he has a place to go to on Friday
Dr. Maher is happy that Joe's wife is better and he lost at tennis.

SPEAKER is Steve Marotto who talks about Investments. He went to
Elementary School in Staten Island and High School in Carmel, NY. Then a
B.S. in Finance from Ithaca college and a M.M. in Finance from Iona,
College, both in N.Y.
                              SUMMARY OF TALK
He is an investment broker with David Lerner Associates in White Plains
and gives his graduate degrees. Investment depends on your interests. He
first sold insurance then moved to Investments. You need a lot of money
because there are different markets. It is like buying a home, a matter of
supply and demand. You can use different forms of currency. He gives
difference between a hedge fund and a mutual fund.