Thursday, February 26, 2015

" Birdsman" receives OSCAR!

This year's four OSCAR winning movie "Birdsman" featured the Marching Cobras of Dobbs Ferry which played in the last year's Super Bowl and our own Dr. Bob Maher's proud achievement at the St. Christopher's Inc he heads.       Briarcliff Rotary Club is happy to have played a small part in supporting this wonderful group.

President Eric writes;

Please join me in congratulating Bobby Maher, St. Christopher’s, the Marching Cobras – and YOURSELVES!!  We all played a huge part in making dreams come true for many people, bringing wonderful exposure to St. Christopher’s and the marching band, and hopefully continuing to put Briarcliff Rotary’s name “out there” as doing good works.  Many thanks to Bobby for including us in his acknowledgments.

 photo from the Journal News

Two local newspaper carried full story one in the Journal News titled   Oscar puts spotlight on Marching Cobras.
Read the full story HERE.      And the River Towns titled" Dobbs Ferry  Band Celebrates Role in Academy Award-Winning Birman."   Read the full story HERE.

Congratulations Marching Cobras and Dr. Bobby for this wonderful development.