Friday, January 13, 2017

Jan. 6, 2017 Briar Crier

 Briercrier for January 6, 2017
                       This Day in History
1974: Daylight savings began.

Guests: Laura Sieler (via Beth), Johanna Faleena and Rebecca Morales
        (via Vic) and Rosa Fierro (via Scott)

Rotarians Present: 18

Pledge: Scott    Song: Sy     Prayer: Dr. Bob Maher

Scott went to a UN meeting and happy Dr. Victor Sternberg will speak
Ken is happy to be here
Etrusca, happy new year
Dr. Bob Maher that Ken is back
Eric ($10) happy new year, he went to Las Vegas to see his family, especially brother stationed in South Korea.
Johanna to be with Dr. Sternberg
Anne re Ethical Culture meeting.

TEXT is Elinor with helper Sy

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our treasurer reported that we are OK.

Talk, Dr. Victor Sternberg on M.D. over prescriptions re addictive Opiods,
He has a BS in Science from CUNY, a DMD from Tufts, spent 11 years
teaching at Fairleigh Dickinson in NJ, and a M.A. in Peridontry from

                           SUMMARY OF TALK
M.D.s without supervision may prescribe Opiods to about 1/6 of patients,
which when switched to heroin by user may become addictive by as many as
1/3 of users. He recommended a book called "Drum Land" by a Ms. Cuinonis.
In the last four years 50,000 died from an overdose including one child
from Briarcliff. Marijuana is regulated by New York State but not Opiods.
Comments by Ellen and Rosa.