Friday, August 27, 2010

Pictures from 8/27 Meeting - by Frances Chu

Charter Member Paul Rosen conducted Rotary Meeting of 8/27/10 while the Club president and many of our members are still on vacation.

Our scheduled speaker asked for a postponement so our very own S. C. Yuter (Sy) provided us with a program today. The title of his talk was: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations.

S. C. Yuter, A.B., LL.B., LL.M.,J.S.D., is a New York lawyer with a doctorate in International law. His doctoral thesis was a universally-binding test ban treaty. He is the author of 5 books, starting with Cheap Oil – How to Break OPEC (1979) to Mefta: A Key to Business Peace in the Middle East (1999).

Dr. Yuter has been a Rotarian since 1989 with perfect attendance records. He spoke without any notes. He ran overtime starting with background from 1948 on about the Israelis and the Palestinians to today’s New York Times’ Op-Ed article “For Once, Hope in the Middle East By Martin Indyk.” It was just too big of a topic to cover in a 40 minutes talk. However, he presented his program with grace and ease, including answering the request of giving his personal opinions.

I am glad that I attended today’s meeting.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

September-October Rotary Programs - Dr. Sy Yuter

  September-October Rotary Programs

27 *Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations -- Sy Yuter

 3  *Round Table at Squires
10   Thomas Jefferson -- Eric Petersen
11 *Community Day
17 *World Trade Center Art -- Ben Cornelius
24 *What's New in Solar Energy -- Eric Messer

  1 *State Parks of the West -- Paul Rosen
  8 *Safe Rides Program -- Ellen Rothschild and Dawn Rice
15 *Hillside Food Outreach -- Patti Wright
22 *Time of Turmoil -- Rabbi Amiel Wohl and Judge Samuel Fredman
29  *US Banking System -- Carlos Frank, Citizens Bank


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Updated August-September Rotary Programs by Dr. Sy Yuter

 Updated August-September Rotary Programs

27  *Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations -- Sy Yuter

 3  *Round Table at Squires
10   Thomas Jefferson -- Eric Petersen
11 *Community Day
17 *World Trade Center Art -- Ben Cornelius
24  *What's New in Solar Energy -- Eric Messer


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pictures from Frances Chu's Blog about Rotary 8/13 Program

Write a book of course!

We had a wonderful program at the Briarcliff Rotary Friday 8 / 13. On the back drop were a picture of an interesting painting and a big picture of a cover of a book.

It was a marvelous program. Speaker Dorsey Price Salerno was a soft spoken lady. She gave her talk without any notes. She captivated the full attention of the audience; the room was so quiet that we could hear every word she said very clearly. She talked about her experience and the research she did in all those cities and towns that her husband accompanied her for the writing of the book. She explained the interesting painting that was displayed on an easel.

It was most interesting that she occasionally asked her husband Roberto "Did I forget anything?" Or "What else should I tell them?" Roberto, or Dr. Robert Salerno, is a retired surgeon sitting among the audience gave her an admiring look and nodding his head with a loving smile.

Then her husband went up and explained the rationale behind each unique graphic part of the Cover of the Book which he designed.

They are a great team.

After the presentation, I bought a copy of the book and asked both Dorsey and Roberto for their autographs.

Our Rotary Club's recording secretary Don Wilde will be writing a report about the program which will be posted on our Rotary Club's Blog site and I will include a link to it. Meanwhile, I just can't wait to read my copy of the wonderful book "The Bacchus Claim" by Dorsey Price Salerno.

Here is a link to learn more about Dorsey Price Salerno. Enjoy!

# # #

Thursday, August 5, 2010



“I should have won!” –-Napolean Bonaparte.

On this date---July 30, 1837-- very little happened.

Our President reminded us that September 11th is Community Day in Briarcliff and urged us all to attend the festivities. He then led us in a recitation of The Rotary 4–Way Test , as Bishop John’s voice boomed out above all the rest..

We cheered.

Shelley announced that she was closing on a house-- (Huzzah!)-and was terribly happy about it (Double huzzahs!) Zen rose to tell us that a total of 5 Rotary shirts have been sold to date--an announcement that was met with thunderous applause. Cousin Ernie then informed us that he had recently passed his stress test. (The thunderous applause built to a gllorious climax!) And Rod Ertischeck told us that today was his birthday—yes it was, indeed…..We wept openly and unashamed.


Our speaker today was Bart Oakes, center for the New York Giants, from 1985 to 1987. Bart grew up in Georgia and played football, beginning at 8, for a local team--The Midgets--where he practiced three times a day. (Whew! It was a prisoner-of-war camp!)

He was fascinating in recounting his days as a Giant, a team he was affiliated with for 14 years. We were told that the average time for a player to play in the Professionals is 4 to 5 BRUISING years.

His parents saw him frequently. (His mother couldn’t watch--she covered her eyes.).  He left out the part about the women…. But the rest was interesting.

After playing for the Giants, he went on to Law School and is now happily married. He currently is a baqrt successful litigator.

Bart is very, VERY BIG --but he’s an awfully nice man. (I had to say that--he was staring at me.) .

Bravo, Mr.Oakes! A great speech, well-delivered!

Our speaker next week will inform us on the topic of -- “Time of Turmoil.” It should be interesting.


There was a drawing and somebody won— I forget who—but congratulations, anyway...
See you next Friday.

With total respect,
Don Wilde, Recording Secretary