Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May-June Rotary Programs by DR. S. C. Yuter

May-June Rotary Programs


5/7 *Mother's Day Celebration
5/14 *Briarcliff School District Budget -- Dr. Fran Wills, Superintendent
5/21 *What's Going on in Albany -- Assemblywoman Sandra Galef
5/28 *Cultural Opportunities in Briarcliff -- Ken Woodward


6/4 *Tapping Maple Syrup -- Douglas Maass
6/11 *Touring New York City -- Art and Susan Zuckerman
6/18 *Volunteering to Help Israel -- Dr. Bob Amsterdam
6/25 *Membership Brain Storming


Monday, April 19, 2010

BRIARCLIFF ROTARY CLUB MEETING - April 16, 2010 by Don Wilde


On this day in history, April 16th, 1902. It rained.

“It is better to have to have played and lost than never to have played at all.”
---The New York Yankees

OPENING CEREMONY: The opening ceremony was breathtaking. I’m too choked up to talk about it, but you have to take my word for it. It was.
PRAYER AND BENEDICTION: Suffice it to say that The Benediction was inspiring and The Prayer was magnificent beyond words, despite the fact that both Bishop John and his ecclesiastic sidekick, the inestimable Rev. Lee Carozzi, were absent, presumably attending to Things Holy.

President Mark Seiden was eloquent in his opening statements. He introduced our guests and then announced that he had $3.00 left over after paying taxes and that his real estate business has been booming of late. (Ahh, Spring and the budding of dollars!) Dean then flabbergasted us all by pointing out that he has recently lost 20 pounds (We stood and applauded.)

He then called for Community News and was rewarded when Geraldine Mahoney rose to announce that the Briarcliff Library was planning a compost bin sale. She urged us all to attend and to make a purchase.

On May 7th, the local Platform Tennis Courts, President Seiden said, will be officially named the “Ernie Pacchiana Platform Tennis Courts.” (I was too choked up to observe it, but I am told that several members of our Club broke out in tears.)

The president then went on to remind us of the Upcoming Membership Drive… On June 25th we will brainstorm about people to invite to be potential members. On July 9th, we will disperse after lunch and speak to potential members, inviting them to meetings on July 16th and 23rd at which we will have motivational speakers, Carlo Pelligrini (juggler) and Bart Oats (football Giant) speakers.
He then introduced our speaker, Mr. Ben Cornelius, a structural engineer who spoke to us interestingly on the subject of “Engineering Art in Culture.”

OUR SPEAKER, Mr. Cornelius was very, very good. He started out by giving us an intriguing review of the History of Architecture--going back to the time of the Industrial Revolution and then went on to distinguish between the wide gap existing between architecture and “putting up something.” (There’s a mammoth difference between the Two.) He continued by calling our attention to The Trade Center Disaster and what actually happened on that fateful day when it came crashing down, devastated by a planned plane-crash, and ending up in smithereens. It was a miracle that even more people were not killed.

Mr. Cornelius was most interesting We should have more speakers like him (Congratulations, Sy, for finding him.)

The winner was—drum roll, please--ME (High fives all around and loud, lusty cheers)

The meeting ended precisely at 1:30. Glutted and hopeful, we returned to our homes and businesses, satisfied with an hour or two well spent.

Don Wilde, for the Briar-Crier


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


April 9, 2010

OPENING CEREMONY: The opening ceremony was spectacular. (Special kudos to the naked dancing ladies.)

PRAYER AND BLESSING: Bishop John gave the prayer and blessing with great gusto and a blast of power.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: A check for $5,000 from Rotary International has gone out to the victims of the recent hurricane in Haiti for the purchase of “Shelter Boxes. Two Rotary banners have been donated to the newly chartered Cortlandt Rotary Club. And our club president, Mark Seiden, has sent a $2,000 check to the Rotary Foundation in our Club’s name for Polio Plus to help achieve a polio-free world.

NEXT WEEK’S SPEAKER: Our speaker on April 16 will be Ben Cornelius. His subject: “Engineering Art In Culture.” It should be, and will be, most interesting.

THIS WEEK’S SPEAKER: Our speaker today is one of our own: Zen Eidel. He spoke on a subject that he knows inside and out: “The Anatomy of a Painting.”

Zen spoke about line; he spoke about color; he spoke about the subject matter of paintings; he spoke as an artist and a designer about the various elements that comprise a first-rate painting—and he was fascinating!

He advised us to do more than LOOK AT a painting, He urged us to LOOK INTO IT. Don’t look at a painting narrowly--try to see what the artist saw when he or she applied brush to canvas, to understand what the artist is trying to tell us through line and color and form! If you do that, he advised, you will experience the world in a way you’ve never experienced the world before—in all its color and variety and multi-faceted glory. It will be as though you have been reborn. You will see in a way you’ve never seen --and it will send shivers of excitement galloping up and down your spine!

Zen was wonderful.

Would that we had more speakers like him!

THE LOTTERY: There was absolutely no money involved. (Are you listening IRS?) In place of soul-less cash, we were rewarded with something a great deal better. The lucky winner of this “something better” was—drum roll, please!—me.

CONCLUSION OF THE MEETING: Our weekly meeting ended precisely at 1:30 p.m., at which point we repaired happily to our homes and to our families—some of us, that is. An unnamed few repaired to a local bar for invigorating refreshment. And I am pleased to report that the refreshment was nonpareil.

Respectfully submitted by,

Dr. Donald R. Wilde, Club Recording Secretary.