Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Jan 27, 2017 Briar Crier


1945: During World War 2, Soviet Troops liberated the Nazi concentration
camps Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland.

GUEST:  BilJana Stojadinovic (via speaker Fred)


PLEDGE: Scott     SONG: Sy      PRAYER: Mark Johnson

Scott: That Stanley is here, also re Larry Cohen, a future speaker
Rebecca: $5 she will see Hamilton
Rich Z.: re Stanley and a computer question answered
Dr. Maher: $20 re his (St. Christopher's) marching band, the America cup
in Bermuda in May via the American Yachting Ass'n.

TEXT = Elinor Yuter, with helper Sy.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Eric re Super Bowl (sells boxes), with gourmet food at
Captain Laurence, and Dr. Maher re our finances ok and re Captain Laurence
Brewery on May 4.

Speaker: Fred Torillo, Chief Financial Officer, from Victoria Home. He was
raised in Brooklyn where he went to elementary and high school, then a
B.A. in accounting from Pace, then a Juris Doctor from Pace then directly
to Victoria Home.
                             SUMMARY OF TALK
Victoria Home, overlooks Hudson River, has been around for 100 years and
is financially supported by Daughters of the British Empire. Victoria Home
is a not-for-profit organization. Re Home, all good news, nothing bad. Has
two cooks, who cook what a patient wants, and there are 49 patients in 1,
2 and three bed rooms. A nurse-skilled home, which N. Y. state contributes
to if on Medicaid, which covers 55-70% of patients.  Otherwise it costs
$425 a day as long as the patient has the money. They encourage visitors
and have brochures. Call Nancy Korte, extension 226, if want to visit, at

Next week: Dr Robert Monk, Chiropractor