Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 20, 2016 Briar Crier

1912: Amelia Earhart is the first women to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott   SONG: Sy     PRAYER: Bishop John


GUEST: Colin Halbach (grandson of Bishop John)

ANNE:  re mother's' day success,  She is motivated
BISHOP JOHN: club provided a TV to Phelps, and his grandson is from Minn.
MARK S.: ($5) to be here, since missed a number of meetings
ELLEN WOODS: ok re TV, her son graduated Muhlenberg (she is our
newest member and the secretary of the Phelps CEO, Dan Blum)
REBECCA: is just happy
SCOTT: is happy just to be here
KEN: to meet new members
RICH: is just happy

SPEAKER RE OPEN DOOR HEALTH HELP: Julie Peskoe, Director of Strategy
for Open Door and lives in Briarcliff. She went to elementary and high
school in Mamaroneck, with a B.A. from Boston University and an MBA
(masters of business administration) from Columbia University.
She has been a member of Open Door since 1972. They now have over 500
members and mostly serve Westchester and Putnam Counties, mostly kids. She
trained at Phelps in physicians' school. Open Door is open six days a week
and includes two dentists in a van. Open Door has nine social workers. All
are volunteers, that is, they do not charge for their time. Most patients
come from Ossining and Port Chester, with about 90% below the poverty

THIS FRIDAY we have Past District Governor Helen Lynch who will talk about

TEXT: Elinor Yuter with helper Sy.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: There is a Briarcliff Rotary fundraiser on Tuesday, June
14, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at the Captain Lawrence Brewery in Elmsford,
which for $50 per person can have unlimited beer and wine, raffle and food

(via Eric) and (via Rachel) there will be the usual parade on Memorial
Day, Monday May 30, starting around noon (at the old barber shop) and pool
will be opened (Elinor and Sy will be visiting Cornell May 29, and coming
back home MAY 30, where their grandson (third generation at Cornell) will
be graduating, majoring in computer science (he already has a job at
MICROSOFT in Seattle) and minoring in Japanese (he is half Japanese but
that language was NOT spoken at home)). (Via Anne) Interact club at
Briarcliff high school needs volunteers for gardening project at Atria, Tuesday, 5/24 at 2:24PM Atria Briarcliff.

We meet every Friday at The Briar's Restaurant) on North State Road for
luncheon around 12:15.  Call 914-762-0111 for any details

May 13, 2016 Briar Crier

1940. Winston Churchill, prime minister of the UK, said: "I have nothing
to offer but blood, sweat and tears."



Ken: is happy to be back and his grandson in Japan is now two years in age.
Vic is happy re Scott's son's Bar Mitzvah
Sean re the two speakers and softball game this 23rd at 3:30
Scott; Mother's day, last Friday, was very successful
Dr. Bob ($10) that Stan is here, and Ken is back
Carl, he keeps coming back
Rebecca (one of two speakers), re her mother-in-law and church services
Bishop John re museum of art

SPEAKERS. We had two on banking. First was Rebecca, who went to elementary
and high school in NYC and then majored in Finance at Manhattan Community
College. And Charles Dumas, a loan officer, at Tompkins Bank, branch in
Ossining,  with Rebecca, an assistant vice president. Hewento elementary
school and high school in Tuckahoe with B.S. in Business Affairs from
Univ. of Arizona.


Rebecca   &   Charles

Tompkins has been a bank since 1836. It now has $63 or so billion with
four branches in Hudson Valley and one in Penn. It has been profitable all
this time. The millennials are the biggest depositors. Defined millennia as
born from 1981-2000, but most live with parents at home since, with loans
re college, cannot afford their own apartments although they have
children. Mostly, bank mortgages and do NOT sell them. The millennials look
at Internet and are interested in world affairs.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Via Rachel is May 30 Memorial Day parade (Elinor and Sy
will be coming back from Cornell so will not be at parade). 

TEXT: Via Elinor with Sy as helper.

Next Friday is on the "Open Door" by Lindsay Ferrell.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

April 29, 2016 Briar Crier


1968: The musical "Hair" opened on Broadway following a limited engagement
off Broadway.

MEETING LEADER: Secretary Anne Cargill (Scott attended a joint meeting in
Pleasantville the day before.)

PLEDGE: Anne     SONG: Sy      PRAYER: Bishop John



Dr. Bob Maher, ($20) There is a Board Meeting Wednesday, he is going to
The Captain Lawrence fund raiser, Friend Sylvester passed away and he
was a good friend of Stan.
Anne, she went to the Thursday Joint meeting
Stan is happy and he made a presentation at St. Christopher's
Sy is happy, and Elinor is stronger (she has MS)
Mark J. the same as Anne, plus a great Tuesday night
George, the speaker, is happy.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Via Rachel, rummage day at her church is next day, Stan and
Lou need badges.

Friday (tomorrow) is Rotary Senior Citizen Mothers' Day. Rotary will
provide food and serve. Entertainment via Frank Sinatra songs. Rachel will
provide the cake.

SPEAKER is George Behling on Yogurt. He went to elementary and high school
in Croton. Then got a B.A. in economics at Colgate and took some courses
towards his Masters at NYU before going into the Air Force.
                       SUMMARY OF TALK
He went into the Baking business in 1975 and started selling frozen Yogurt
in 1973. He needed a machine so bought an ice cream machine.  The store's
name was "Say Cheese."  It was a lot of fun but a lot of work. 95% of
customers were young girls. Yogurt was first served on plates then cones.
The popular flavors were Vanilla and Pina Colada. Yogurt was first eaten
by the Arabs. It is made from fermented milk. Then he went back to Wall

TEXT is by Elinor with helper, Sy

The seniors will be arriving at The Briar's restaurant early so get there
early to help. Otherwise, we meet at the restaurant for lunch. Elinor is a
mother, so she will be there in her wheelchair.