Friday, December 18, 2015

Dec. 11, 2015 Briar Crier

Briercrier for Dec. 11
This Day in History:
1845: The first large earthquake, 7.7, in Missisippy Valley.

Meeting Leader: President Scott Lanoff.

Pledge: Scott  Song: Sy   Prayer: Dr. Vic and Bishop John

Guests: Ralph Herrara, Frank Curlo Bick and Dara Caputo (all from St.
Chrisopher's via Dr. Bob Maher)

Rotarians Present: 18

Happy Thoughts
Carl ($10) for club, international service, fire department and way to
serve community
Eric ($10) re speaker and basketball BHS vs. Clark Academy plus other
Rich has brother from Maine for hannukah
Dr. Bob ($10) half of his top staff here
Anne, her daughter is in County jail on drug charge and her son was
      killed in a car crash by drugged driver
Etrusca is happy that no snow
Antonia is happy to be here
Kris re the meeting and future plan for club fund raiser
Mark J is happy, especially for lunch and prior cooking on African open fires
Francis re fellowship and teamwork
Sy re getting speakers and Service Above Self and 26 years perfect attendance
Scott that Ken still in Japan and Bob Berson former speaker was great
Vic that no snow
Mark S. ($10) still in Real Estate business, his joy, and we all get along
with each other
Elinor enjoys writing Briercrier and finding This Day in History and six
years of perfect attendance because goes with Sy
Bishop will win this week (he did not).

Scott may have next meeting at his house, Ernie re grapefruits (now $25 a
case and pick up at old Rec. Bldg. Scott, the next week we vote for DG for
Kris. Re grapefruits, call Ernie at 845-878-7001

NO meeting at The Briar's on Friday. Instead will be at Scott's house on
23 Firetree(go north toward The Briar's but first make right on Chappaqua
Road and then right into development. He will serve lunch (from Stu
Leonards) and vote re Kris being DG. Speaker will be Carol Christiansen
and friend re drugs.

Today's Speaker (Dec 18) re Rotary via members. Next week, the 25th, NO
MEETING since it is Christmas day.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dec. 4, 2015 Briar Crier

This Day in History:
1925: George Gershwin, with him at the piano, introduced his Concerto F at
New York's Carnegie Hall.

Meeting Leader: President Scott Lanoff

Pledge: Scott   Song: Sy    Prayer: Dr. Bob Berson (our speaker)

Rotarians Present: 20

Happy Thoughts
Eric ($10) happy re Super Bowl (all participants please contact him),
     re Therapy for Children With Disabilities and had many for
     Thanksgiving Dinner.
Sean: happy for vets at Montrose and he will be supplying underclothes
      to them and club should help.
Anne is happy re speaker
Victor is happy.

Speaker: Dr. Bob Berson on Ethical Culture. He has doctorates from
a number of universities including two D.EDs and one PH.D., and was raised
in Philadelphia where he went to elementary and high schools and ethical
culture school.

                         Summary of Talk
Ethical Culture emphasizes humanities and golden rule. Started in 1876 by
a Jewish Rabbi. They built a Settlement House, a crippled children's
hospital and summer camps. He is authorized by State of New York to
perform marriages and other religious events. They have members from all

Next Friday will have a talk on Rotary by a speaker whom Scott will get.

Text, Elinor; Helper, Sy

We meet at The Briar's Restaurant every Friday at around 12:15 unless it is
a national holiday like Christmas and New Year's days, which fall on

Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 13, 2015 Briar Crier


                           TODAY IN HISTORY
1789: Benjamin Franklin wrote that there are only two things certain;
death and taxes.

Meeting Leader: President Scott Lanoff

Pledge: Scott    Song: Sy    Prayer Bishop John

GUESTS: Michael F. Rudolph, DDS (via Vic), Rebecca Polanco (via Mahopac
bank and future member), Laura Bacanelli (via Scott), Stanley Thompson
(via Dr. Maher and future member).


Anne that her 98-year-old aunt passed and left her some money and success
at Atria
Kris re need to publicize 12/2 scholarships to BHS seniors and Division
meeting in Bermuda
Bishop John is happy that his son-in-law passed the bar
Dr. Maher that Eric is joining St. Christophers
Eric ($20) that he is joining St. Christophers and he is still a realtor
Scott & Rachael & Tom Leihbacher ($10) re: Magic Masters on Nov. 6 evening and UN Event was outstanding
Michael re his son
Daniel (our speaker) is just happy
Rebecca is happy

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dr. Ruth Wertheimer is speaking at the CSI Synagogue
(and we made more than $4000 at the Magic Masters event)

SPEAKER: Daniel Blum, CEO of Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow. He
went to elementary and high school in New York City. Then got a B.A. in
philosophy and M.A. in health care administration at NYU.

                            SUMMARY OF TALK
He was a paramedic in NYC. His hospital is taking care of people. He has
already spoken to a Rotary Club. The cost of care is now consolidated with
the North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital which is the largest employer
is NYS. He employs over 53,000 people with a not-for-profit budget.

SPEAKER ON FRIDAY IS Nanette Stone who will speak on Creativity and have
her new book with her.

TEXT is Elinor, Helper is Sy

We meet at The Briars Restaurant every Friday around 12:15.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 6, 2015 Briar Crier

Briercrier for Nov. 6

                              This Day in History
1944: President Franklin D. Roosevelt won his fourth term in office
defeating Republican Thomas E. Dewey.

Club Meeting Leader: President Scott Lanoff

Pledge: Stanley Thompson   Song: Sy and Anne   Prayer: Bishop John

Guests: Charles Dumas (from Mahopac bank and future member), Frank Danza
(via speaker) and Stanley Thompson (future member)

Rotarians Present: 16

Happy Thoughts
Lou: Don't forget basketball game tonight with Magic Masters. (It was a
big success and we made a lot of money)
Maher ($10) has tickets for basketball game and we haven't lost wisdom
Eric ($20) is happy re Rachel re the community and is his son's ninth
Bishop John is happy that his granddaughter passed the bar
Anne is happy about her last week's birthday celebration by club and for
Atria garden
Kris is happy that Mark J. is going to Africa re cook stoves.
Stanley is very happy and for Magic Masters
Scott is happy re Mark J. going to Africa and for successful basketball
game and Saturday at the UN
Mark S. is happy re Nov. 14 olive opera event in Ossining
Rich is just happy
Sean is happy.

Speaker is Michael (Bip) Weitzman on mental health (the Three Amigos of
Mental Health Disorders) who was raised in New City, Rockland County where
he went to elementary and high school and then a B.A. from Suny at New
Paltz in speech communication.

                         Summary of Talk
Has 18 and 21 girls and is divorced. The reason he is here is to educate,
motivate, inspire, share and be humorous re bipolar disorders, which is a
terrible epidemic with much suffering.  He is a member of the National
Alliance of Mental Illnesses, the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance and
the Mental Health Association. He performed standup comedy with props. He
prefers to be called Bip. Robin Williams just gave up. He has  been to the
hospital many times. There is a fear of coming out of the closet with
bipolar disorder, mostly depression.  You can use help, usually a
psychiatrist who knows what he is doing and a social worker. You have to
have fun and get rid of the stigma.

Text from Elinor with Helper, Sy

This Friday we are scheduled to have the CEO of Phelps Memorial Hospital,
Daniel Blum, to give us an update re Phelps.

We meet every Friday at 12:15 at The Briar's Restaurant in Briarcliff.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Briercrier Oct. 30, 2015

Briercrier for Oct. 30

                                      This Day in History
1929: Wall Street Crash on black Tuesday heralding the start of America's
great depression.

Meeting Leader: President Scott Lanoff

Pledge: Scott  Song: Sy  Prayer: Bishop John

Guests: Allan Miller (via Vic), Mindy Lanoff (via Scott, his wife),
Roderick Chu (via Frances), Rebecca Polanco (via Mahopac bank) Charles
Dumas (old member)and Stanley Thompson (future member)

Rotarians Present: 21

Happy Thoughts
Eric ($20)is happy for Magic Masters on Nov. 6, Happy Birthday Anne,
     and for Rachel at bookfair and re gun legislation
Dr. Bob Maher ($20) for Magic Masters at 6:00pm at high school gym, new
 bank (Tompkins, Mahopac) and large crowd
Ernie: Larger crowd for Hillary
Mark S. ($20) re Ossining student will have Haloween Mark. S. costume
Christina is happy got Scott's email
Rich is happy to be here
Frances is happy her son could attend
Mark J. re his future Africa trip

Announcements: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE, have new bank with attendance by
Rebecca Polanco (Asst. Vice President of Mahopac bank at Ossining branch)
and Charles M. Dumas (mortgage loan coordinator)

Speaker is old friend of Scott, Tom Martin, who grew up and went to
elementary school and high school in Miami with BA in philosophy from
Georgetown University. Topic is Six Ways to Improve Public Relations

                              Summary of Talk
Including know your audience, be passionate, compliment others, practice
with friends, make your point and stay with headlines. Represented big
names including Charlie Rose and Charles Kuralt. Gave his opinion and
wanted to go to law school.


Friday (tomorrow) speaker is Michael Weitzman who will talk on Mental Health.

Text, Elinor: Helper, Sy
Photos: Frances & Roderick Chu

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Snapshots from Joint Meeting - White Plains Rotary 10/20/2015

Snapshots (unedited draft posted on 12/13 but listed date of 10/20 pending for updated version) from joint meeting with Rotary Club of White Plains - 10/20/2015