Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Snapshots from Joint Meeting - White Plains Rotary 10/20/2015

Snapshots (unedited draft posted on 12/13 but listed date of 10/20 pending for updated version) from joint meeting with Rotary Club of White Plains - 10/20/2015

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Briercrier 10/9/15

Briercrier for October 9
                                This Day in History
1975: Soviet scientist Andre Sakharov is awarded Nobel Peace prize.

Meeting Leader: President Scott Lanoff

Pledge: Scott   Song: Sy    Prayer: Paul Rosen

Rotarians Present: 18

Guests: Stanley Thompson (via Dr. Bob Maher) and Dr. Rolande Hodel

Happy Thoughts

Paul is happy to be here again
Kris is happy that Paul is here
Victor is happy to be a member
Stanley is happy that he is the rookie of the year
Dr. Bob Maher ($10) is happy Stanley is here and he is going to have
    an Interact group at St. Christopher's
Mark J is happy that he is going to Africa to do a cookstove update
Scott is happy re-vitality of Club and that Victor is a new member

Announcements: None

Speaker is Paul Rosen, who went to elementary and high school in Merrick,
Long Island, then an A.B. from RPI and a Juris Doctor from Cornell Law
School. He tells three stories illustrating the Objects of Rotary.

Summary of Talk
Paul tells three stories with each ending in an Object of Rotary --
Development of Acquaintances, High Ethical Standards and Ideal of Service.

Friday: Briarcliff Mayor Lori Sullivan on village via Rachel.

Text: Elinor; Helper, Sy
Photo: Rachael

Friday, October 9, 2015

Briarcrier 10/2/2015

Meeting Leader: Scott Lanoff, president

Pledge; Scott   Song; Sy    Prayer, Bishop John

Guests: None

Rotarians Present: 18

Happy Thoughts

Scott ($2) is happy in honor of the attendees
Christine is sorry she missed so many meetings but she has been away
Kris is happy that Christine is here
Sean is happy that Richard is our speaker
Richard is happy that he went to the opera
Eric ($5) is happy that so many attended, especially Frances
Frances is happy for the future
Mark S ($2) will be away the next two weeks
Anne is happy that her group at Atria has been attending meetings
Dr. Bob is happy to see Frances and one of his basketball players, Rudy,
will not be playing this year.

Announcements: via Treasurer, we have around $15,000 less outstanding
deductions including cost of hot dogs to Ernie. Via Kris re the UN, we
will have a group of Interactors from High School going. A group related
to our Club will be formed at St. Christophers. On October 20 a joint
meeting at Rotary in White Plains. There is a $5 parking charge. So no
meeting on October 23.

Speaker: Richard Alan Zuckerman on Wi-Fi, was raised and went to school at
PS 28 in Manhattan then Yonkers Roosevelt High School and University of
Rochester, then an A.B. in Math at Suny in Purchase. Started business in
1981 and eight years ago went into current business.

                              Summary of Talk
Wi Fi usually means wireless fidelity but actually means nothing. Wi Fi is
a set of radio frequencies, sometimes not strong because of many factors.

Friday: We hope the District Governor, Marilyn Masiero,  will give a talk
about Rotary. Otherwise Sy will give a Mideast Update.

Text, Elinor; helper, Sy