Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 9, 2016 Briar Crier

1776: The "United States" should replace "United Colonies" says the then current Congress.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott    SONG: Sy      PRAYER: Kris, he has English translation of
                                       Indian poem ROTARIANS PRESENT: 20

GUESTS: Sophia Hussain and Laura Sieler (via Beth), Mindy and Sam Lanoff and Robert Jonetherg (via Scott), Sue Singer and Janet Gallagher (via
Anne) and Celia Gupeierieg (from Ossining Rotary).

Dr. Bob Maher ($20)re Dr. Babu (our speaker) plus other thoughts Eric ($11) this is an important weekend (Saturday is Community Day) Vic ($5) also re Dr. Babu Beth her daughter is here and so is our German guest, Laura Sieler Etrusca to be back Celia (guest) to be here Kris to be back (from India) Stan to be here Anne her guests and to be here Mark J, ($10) his son proposed and she said yes Robert (guest) to be here Scott,  his guests Mark S. His son got into medical school at Syracuse Sateesh (speaker) to be here

TEXT; Elinor with Helper, Sy

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tomorrow Sept. 10 is Community Day and we will be selling cold water, pretzels and popcorn. The cotton-candy machine did not work because it was too humid. We will not sell anything hot, like hot dogs and hamburgers. These are available from trucks in area. Via Kris, 10/28 in Bermuda and 6/17 is Rotary International in Atlanta.

Speaker is Dr. Sateesh Babu with wife Supha on computer, he spoke on Stroke.
He had elementary and high school and M.D. in India, with M.D. from New York Medical College.
                        SUMMARY OF TALK
Honor to be here. Stroke is fifth cause of death, mostly from lack of oxygen to brain from carotid arteries. He performs operations on carotid and supply arteries. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in America.
He goes over backgrounds of various M.D.s who finally found cause of death from strokes. He did not know much about the brain many years ago. He goes over risk factors, mostly what we know. With ultrasound now find out what arteries need operations.

Next Friday is Lt. Col. (retired) John O'Loughlin on Korean war.

We normally meet every Friday for lunch around 12:15 at the restaurant on
512 North State road, The Briar's.  For more details call 914-762-0111.