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Rotary International President, John Kenny and the Rotary Foundation Chairman, Glenn Estes regarding the earth quake in Haiti

18 January 2010

Dear Rotarians:

We are deeply saddened to hear of the recent earthquake in Haiti, and we are touched by the commitment of Rotarians to assist the communities affected by this disaster. Rotary International is coordinating relief efforts, and we are writing to you today to provide you with information on how you may work through Rotary to make a significant contribution toward alleviating this major humanitarian crisis.

Rotary International coordinates information and provides resources on club and district disaster relief efforts. When informed of local relief initiatives, RI shares updates about these efforts on the RI website. Rotarians wishing to contribute funds or donated goods to disaster victims can visit the website or contact the International Service Programs Section at to learn about current relief and recovery efforts.

Also, The Rotary Foundation has established the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, a donor advised fund, for the purpose of collecting contributions for earthquake victims. Details about the fund have been posted on the RI website. Please note that all contributions must be in U.S. dollars, and only U.S. tax receipts will be issued. Additionally, District Designated Funds cannot be accepted.

We have been in contact with District Governor Errol C. Alberga to offer assistance in publicizing any relief efforts that clubs in Haiti are implementing on RI’s online projects database, ProjectLINK. Any disaster recovery projects registered by District 7020 will be posted on ProjectLINK on a priority basis. Additionally, articles have been posted to the home page of the RI website with details on Rotary club involvement in relief efforts and how you can help.

Rotarians may contact Governor Alberga directly at
or visit the District 7020 website.

As always, when organizing a response to a local or international disaster, we encourage Rotary clubs and districts to work with experienced emergency relief organizations such as UNICEF, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Doctors Without Borders, ShelterBox, Aquabox, and World Water Works to meet the immediate needs of victims affected by the disaster.

It is our hope that with your meaningful and rapid response to this appeal, you will be able to help rebuild the future for millions of innocent people affected by this crisis. Thank you for your commitment to helping disaster victims.

John Kenny, President
Rotary International
Glenn E. Estess Sr., Trustee Chairman
The Rotary Foundation
Ed Futa, General Secretary
Rotary International

ShelterBox pledges aid for tens of thousands in Haiti

ShelterBox pledges aid for tens of thousands in Haiti as logistical nightmare continues -

Sunday 17 January 2010

Help for thousands en route to Haiti

Emergency shelter provision for more than 30,000 people has now been pledged to the people of Haiti with more due to follow but the logistical nightmare in Haiti continues.

1,700 ShelterBoxes have already been dispatched and a further 1,600 will leave from the UK this week directly for Port au Prince, Haiti. Warehouse volunteers in the UK have worked tirelessly packing the boxes. This is a total of 3,300 boxes with more to follow.

The ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) on the ground is continuing its work with ACTED and local Rotarians in order to ensure the fastest and most effective distribution of aid.

David Eby (US), Wayne Robinson (US) and Mark Pearson (UK), who have been in Port au Prince since Thursday, have commenced training sessions with their contacts on the ground to help them deliver and distribute the ShelterBoxes.

While there has been no confirmation of ShelterBoxes arriving in Port au Prince logistics teams in the UK, the ShelterBox Logistics team in Miami and the SRT in Haiti are doing everything within their power to ensure the boxes reach Haiti as quickly as possible.

ShelterBox Head of Operations John Leach said: ‘The people in Haiti need everything now. We’re doing all we can to land emergency shelter provision in Port au Prince but we’re mindful of not adding to the logistical nightmare on the ground.

‘This is a massive logistical challenge and that is why we have a team in Miami helping coordinate the logistical effort.’

SRT members Mark Dyer, John Lacquey, Steven Tonkinson (all US) and Ian Neal (UK) have met up with ShelterBoxes sent to Miami on Virgin Atlantic flights. Ian Neal will be heading to Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic to run further logistics from there and work with the Response Team in Port-au-Prince.

ShelterBoxes arrive in Miami, USA on a Virgin Atlantic flight

The UN estimates that 200,000 families, up to one million people, are in need of immediate shelter in Haiti.

ShelterBox Founder and CEO Tom Henderson says: ‘This is as bad as we’ve seen it. There’s never been a bigger need. We’re receiving support and donations from all corners of the globe and from people who come from all walks of life.

‘ShelterBox relies entirely on public donations and people’s generosity. We receive no institutional funding and no DEC money. I’d urge, if you can, to help us.’

If you can help support ShelterBox's work around the globe in any way, great or small, please click here.

Inside a Shelterbox

A full ten person Shelterbox tent.Shelterboxes are sponsored by service clubs, (Rotary Clubs), school and church groups, businesses and individuals, etc. Materials are ordered from a range of suppliers selected for general use, long-life, quality and price. Shelterboxes are prepared and packed using all new materials as delivered from manufacturers, at the Shelterbox warehouse based in Helston, Cornwall. The standard Shelterbox weighs 110 lbs. and has approximate dimensions 2'3" x 1'4" x 11". They are sealed and banded for transit and security. Box contents vary depending on the nature of the disaster requiring their use.

Boxes Are sometimes packed with two 10-person tents in them, (to the exclusion of some smaller items, to maximize shelter capacity. Some of the selected Box items that are available for inclusion in the Box are:

The entire contents of a Shelterbox.
Click here for an enlarged & detailed view.• One 49 gallon box (The Shelterbox) initially the container for delivery of the materials listed below. Once delivered, can be used as water tank, food store, cot, table, etc.

• One ten-person tent, including two fabric interior privacy partitions, outer fly-sheet and repair kit. These tents are considered ‘winter suitable’ by international relief standards.

• Vinyl insulated sleeping mats and lightweight thermal blankets. More compact than sleeping bags, these mats and blankets have multiple uses. The blanket can also be fashioned to catch water, as a tarp, etc. while the mat also serves as a ground ‘table’ for meals, or tent rugs.

• One pack of 180 water purification tablets or a water purification kit; and one 5 gallon flat-pack water container (Each tablet will purify a full container of water providing 1,800 gallons of clean drinking water which should be sufficient for a family of ten for up to three months).

• Two 2.1 gallon, collapsible, plastic water carriers.

• One collapsible trenching shovel

• Rope, 164 foot

• Repellant-treated mosquito netting

• Ten PVC Ponchos/ ten HD plastic bags

• Tool kit in canvas bag: hachet, jack-knife, screwdriver, hammer, hoe head etc.

• Multi-fueled cook stove

• Eating utensils: enamel plates/cups

• Children's activity kit-simple school supplies, stickers and coloring book

The contents are under continuous review. A small stock of wind-up radios (short-wave and FM) has been obtained to substitute a sleeping bag in every tenth box should such a requirement arise.

For shipping purposes, a large container (40 feet) can accommodate up to 240 Shelterboxes, smaller containers would typically be half the size and quantities. The purpose of Shelter Box USA, Inc. is to provide victims of disaster with shelter, by supporting the efforts of the Shelter Box Trust.

Our "Hands On Rotarians" in Haiti Updates - From PDG Helen Reisler

To all concerned Rotarians and friends,

Jim Kushner and 5 other Inwood Club members, joined by New York Rotarian Bill DeLong, are on their way to Haiti. They will be working with Todd Shea, Founder of the Comprehensive Disaster & Response Services. Jim, Bill, and Todd have addressed major disasters , previously and are expeienced and reliable. Jim was written up in the Rotarian Magazine and has been on the back cover of the two latest issues. Todd has received a medal from the Pakistan President. Bill is a recipient of New York's "Liberty Medal" presented to him by Mayor Bloomberg. We worked together during 9/11.

They are in desparate need of money and supplies. These are the details:

Pain Medication
Anti-Bacterial Ointment
Anti-Inflammatory Medication
Anti-Biotics ( cipro, penicillan)
Medical Gloves
Baby Formula
Baby Wipes


1023 15th STREET NW 12th FLOOR
WASHUNGTON, DC 20005 Phone: 202-232-5784 ( It
is a 501 c3 organization)
You must write in memo of check "TODD SHEA-HAITI "

I am the "Point Person" for Jim. Any questions:
_helenbreisler@aol.com_ ( Tel:
914-277-3117 or 718-622-2148

They need our help

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