Monday, June 29, 2015

June 19th 2015 Briar Crier

The following is mostly for our installation dinner on June 23, led by Paul Rosen, who told jokes and gave perfect attendance pins to Sy (26 years) and Elinor (six years).

1509: Henry VIII was crowned king of England; his wife, Catherine, was crowned queen consort.

MEETING LEADER: President Eric Lebenson

Pledge: Ernie Pacchiana       Song: Sy       Prayer: Scott Lanoff


GUESTS: Some of the wives of members plus the son of Scott.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rachel received a Paul Harris Fellowship from the Club. NO MEETING ON FRIDAY JUNE 26 IN VIEW OF INSTALLATION DINNER.
Jim Lupfer will be new president starting July 1, with his board comprising Eric, Scott, Dr. Bob Maher, Rachel, Vijaya, Mark J., Anne and Ernie.

June 19 speaker is Dr. Craig Zalvan, with many credentials particularly laryngologist at Phelps.

Summary of Talk

He mostly discussed the voice box, with video pictures displayed on screen. He only operates as a last resort. But most treatments of the voice box is mostly rest.

NO MEETING FRIDAY, JUNE 26   in view of installation Dinner.
Also, no meeting the following Friday which is July 3, the day before July 4, Independence Day. 

Our next meeting is July 10th.

TEXT: Elinor Yuter; helper, Rachel

We normally meet at The Briar’s Restaurant every Friday for lunch at 512 N. State Rd. 914-762-0111

Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 12, 2015 Briar Crier


Banker and philanthropist David Rockefeller is 100 years-old.

Meeting Leader: President Eric Lebenson

Pledge: Eric       Song: Sy         Prayer: Dr. Bob Maher


GUEST:  Dr. James Davis, a Florida Rotarian and psychiatrist who is now looking for a local club and will be speaker on Veterans on August 14
ANNUNCEMENT FROM RACHEL: This Sunday is Flag Day and American Legion burns used flags.

Eric ($20) whose daughter at Pocantico  is an all-round athlete, as is his son, also are top students,  and happy birthday Rachel.
Ernie: Sunday is Father’s Day and he is preparing to host many of his relatives.
Dr. Bob Mayer says happy birthday to Rachel and happy re new dues which some have already paid
Rachel is happy for Boston friend
Ken is happy to pay new dues
Anne for her computer, Atria and Rachel
Etrusca is happy for Rachel
Plus others, including Kris ($5), who were not properly recorded.

SPEAKER: Madeline Crabtree on Chappaqua Rotary. She went to elementary school and high school in Pound Ridge, where she lives, plus a bachelor’s degree from Bucknell (as has Eric).

Madeline Crabtree is a granddaughter of an older Crabtree who founded the Chappaqua Rotary in 1981 which meets at The Kittle House.  She came with a male friend, John Sweetlager, who works with her to buy fresh vegetables for the Kittle House Restaurant from local farmers.  Her worst experience at the restaurant was bussing tables. She has many aunts and uncles, and one aunt is a friend of Rick’s. 

Friday speaker is Craig Zalvan, M.D. who will speak on the Throat.

TEXT: Elinor Yuter, HELPER: Rache

Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 5,, 2015 Briar Crier

1932: Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Meeting leader: President Eric Lebenson

Pledge: Antonia    Song: Sy          Prayer: Jim Lupfer

ANNOUNCEMENTS: From Treasurer, Dr. Bob Maher, We are in good financial shape, have 8,400 to give to charities. New dues prior to or on July 10. The dues for the year are $800 (which includes all meals, payment to national and installation dinner). On Tuesday evening June 23 is our Installation Dinner.   We get together 5:00 for drinks and 6:00 for dinner at The Briars, which includes steak, with drinks and o’doevres at 6:00. Perfect attendance goes to Sy Yuter for 26 years and to Elinor Yuter for six years.   There will be no meeting Friday June 26 in view of the Installation Dinner the prior Tuesday evening.

Eric ($5): He needs to know how many guests will be attending the Installation Dinner.
Ken: American dollar is very strong against Japanese yen
Antonia is happy she is sitting with Etrusca and Bishop Herzog
Anne: Atria going well and both of her granddaughters are doing well
Rich is happy that he is enrolled as a member

SPEAKER: Dr. Krishnan Chittur, on Rotary Update, who has LL.M and S.J.D (doctor of juridical science) from Harvard Law School and prior degrees in India.

Why did you join Rotary responded to by Sy, Dr. Maher, Bishop Herzog, Ken and Anne (to help others). 

THIS FRIDAY: Madelaine Crabtree on Chappaqua Rotary.

TEXT: Elinor Yuter;  Helper: Rachel

We meet at The Briar’s restaurant usually every Friday at 12:15 at 512 N. State Road. 914-762-0111

Friday, June 5, 2015

May 29, 2015. Briar Crier

 BRIARCRIER for May 29, 2015

2015/06/04(木) 10:47
1943: Norman Rockwell’s portrait of “Rosie the Reviter” appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.
PLEDGE: Jim Lupfer   SONG: Sy       PRAYER: Bishop John
GUEST: Anita Kraft, the wife of our speaker, Dr. David Kraft
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Treasurer’s report: We are in good shape. Also, annual meeting on Tuesday June 23 at The Briar’s with steak among dinner choices, getting together at 5pm for drinks and hors d’oevres and 6 for dinner and ceremony.
Etrusca is very happy
Zach is also happy
Dr. Bob Maher ($5) his son is getting married and expects his second grandchild in October
Antonia is happy
Rachel is happy
Jim is happy
Anne is happy, has two grandchildren going into high school
Fitz is happy that Bob Maher got a prestigious award and is going to heaven
Rich that he marched in Memorial Day parade with Sy and Mark S
Mark S. has daughter at Univ. of Miami and son who graduated from there
SPEAKER: Dr. David Kraft on Einstein, full professor of math and physics at Univ. of Bridgeport. He got his ph.d. at Penn State following a BS at City College.
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and other papers got him a Nobel Prize. Einstein’s theory, E=MCsquared, was basis for later development of Laser and other developments in physics. He built on the earlier work of Herze and Plancke. He, David,  is a lobbyist for the American Physics Society. He displayed on screen 30 minutes of a three hour lecture.  Einstein couldn’t get a teaching job so ended up as a patent examiner in Swiss Patent Office. 
THIS FRIDAY: Dr. Kris Chittur on Rotary Update. 
TEXT: Elinor Yuter; Helper: Rachel
We meet every Friday at 12:15 at The Briar’s Restaurant on 512 N. State Road.