Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jan 22, 2016 Brar Crier



1498: During his third trip to the new land Christopher Columbus arrived
at the island of Saint Vincent.

LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott    SONG: Sy   PRAYER: Dr. Bob Maher



Kris: early bird registration extended
VICTOR: only 10 more months to nomination
ANNE: No further back problem, has grandson at West Point,
Erica Cargill Jones, her granddaughter and cardiologist will be speaking
April 8th
REBECCA: She is happy with what Anne said and will be happier on March 13.
MARK S. ($5) not here for a few Fridays but here now
ERIC ($20)only seven members of club who picked boxes, met future
Rotarians for other clubs, and re Gift of Life explained
DR BOB MAHER: thanks all Rotarians who contributed
SCOTT also explains Gift of Life program for heart operations as well as
help from Catholics
RICH no matter how difficult week was, always looks forward to Friday
KEN will again leave for Japan, this time for four months. (We are not
happy Ken is again leaving).

SPEAKER: Dr. Roland Hodel who was raised in Germany, got her elementary
and high school studies there and got a PHD at CUNY in organic chemistry.

                             SUMMARY OF TALK
Dr. Hodel showed pictures of herself and Aids-FREE in Cameroon,Africa.
She had local factory manufacture medicines for Aids in Cameroon. She
picked Cameroon because a local factory was there. The spread of Aids is
mainly from unprotected sex. She is on Board of Directors. The program is
about 10 years old.

TEXT: Elinor, helper, Sy

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Via Rachel, the Caucus elected, next Wednesday is election
and four running for two positions.  Via Scott, met Helen Lynch, a past
District Governor and future speaker. The next District Governor is
Barbara Edwards (via Scott).

Friday: Nutrition (or heart health) by Stefanie Schwartz, a great speaker,
(via Scott)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Han 15, 2016 Briar Crier

1929: Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Ga.

GUEST: Bob Rosenboom (via Ann), a possible future Rotarian



PLEDGE: Scott  SONG: Sy   PRAYER: Eric

SCOTT: Just happy
KEN: Again happy to be back but leaving soon for Japan
BOB ($10)for Ken and St. Christopher's
ANN: Her grandchildren are doing well except one in jail. One in med
school, one a teacher and one at West Point.
RICH is happy for Cookstoves in Africa
MARK J. is happy that Ken is here
ADAM (our speaker) is just happy
STAN is happy for water machines at St. Christopher's and Board donation
to Cookstove Project.

SPEAKER: Adam Ravinovich on Neighborhood Link. He attended elementary and
high schools in Chappaqua School System and Georgetown University in
Washington, D.C. in '95 in Foreign Service, and now lives in NYC with wife
and 9-10-year old daughter and now in health care.

                           SUMMARY OF TALK
The mission is to strengthen community, mostly Mt. Kisco, in upper
Westchester by actively enhancing the healthy integration of immigrants,
Early support of healthy parenthood, to Teachers, Education, to Children
and to Workers.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Via Kris, don't forget Rotary District Conference on April
8-10; Francis Chu is coming back to welcome new board.

FRIDAY is Africa Update by Dr. Rolande Hodel

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jan.8, 2016 Briar Crier


                          THIS DAY IN HISTORY
1787: New Jersey became the third state to ratify the Constitution.

MEETING LEADER: President Scott Lanoff

PLEDGE: Scott   SONG: Sy    PRAYER: None

GUESTS: Bob Rosenboom (via Ann) and Joe Randozzo (via Lou).


Sean: re good Board meeting and Montrose vets.
Ken is happy to be back.
Ann: One Grandson asked to leave and another Grandson still in jail for
drug offense.
Scott: Re a good Board Meeting.
Eric: wonderful that Ken back and hello to Joe. Also, his 14 year-old
daughter has a head of her own (and apparently does not listen to Eric).
Lou: introduces Joe and has nice story of hour.
Joe: great new year and happy to have lunch on Lou.
Kris: is happy about guests.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Via Scott, we will be financing an international scholar
for one year after hearing Beth. Also, (via Kris) UN will be sponsoring an
international peace breakfast.

SPEAKER: Mark Johnson on cookstove update. He refuses to give us
Elementary and High School and College places and dates.

                                 SUMMARY OF TALK
Women gain from inside dwelling of a cookstove, made from the local earth,
and now use less fuel for cooking and spend less time looking for fuel and
cooking. Formerly cooked outside dwelling on open fire with more fuel and
took longer.

TEXT by Elinor with Sy as helper.