Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 10, 2015 Briar Crier

For the meeting of April 10, 2015 of the Briarcliff Manor Rotary Club at The Briar’s Restaurant
                                                          TODAY IN HISTORY
1790: President George Washington signed the first U.S. patent act.
PLEDGE, Anne     SONG, Sy        PRAYER, Bishop John
GUESTS:  Ola Raison – this is her third lunch so she is now eligible for membership
Sy is happy that he is going to Illinois with Elinor on May 1 to attend granddaughter’s bat mitzvah.
Dr. Bob M ($5) is happy because some of his boys climbed Kilamajaro and also because club is in good financial shape and gave money to good causes and for Mothers’ Day on May 8 (Rotarians help serving but do not eat)
Anne because she gave blood without any weakness or reaction
Kris re sponsoring Turkish Rotarians
Rachel as to elected Village officers. Sullivan is new mayor. Also the Fire Department is having a blood drive.
Rich ($5) is just happy.
SPEAKER AND SUBJECT: Jim Lupfer on Boy Scouts of America
                                                           SUMMARY OF TALK
Jim talked about the boy scout camps which his region sponsors in the summer for a week of fun. They expect each attendee to pay $125 for the week but not required. The boy scouts were started by Rotarians in 1910.
Most camps are for just boys but also have a camp for girls. Their best camp is Camp Read in the Adirondacks which has horses normally kept at a farm in the winter, but the boys have to take care of the horses at camp. They also have kayaking on the lake and bike trips up the trails. The BSA spent about three million dollars in upgrading each camp, including latrines, showers and program equipment.
The staff of each camp is experienced since use counselors normally off in the summer.  The camps
give up to 22 merit badges. He showed a video of various camps.  The food is good.  Only about two percent become Eagles, the highest rank. 
This Friday’s talk is Africa Obstetrics by Louisa Boyle (who has not yet been contacted). 
    If she does not show up then Sy will give a Mideast Update.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Our new president-elect is 
Jim Lupfer. He should have next year’s Board at meeting.
   Our installation dinner is June 23 at the Briar’s